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05 Best Pro Tricks For Home Colour Selection Process

What’s In This Article?

Picking up a perfect combination to your home colour selection process isn’t as easy as you may think. After building the structure of your dream house, the next big thing in interior decoration and choosing the best house painting designs and colors is a key element. Unfortunately, people do not pay attention while selecting colors for living rooms, bedrooms, kids bedroom colors, dining hall, bathroom or kitchen and later on they hire an interior designer for the revival.

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Key Fact: You can make your small rooms more spacious or look like a big room by just simply picking up the best color schemes.

The Process of Home Colour Selection

So, a decorator can’t make one visit and give a firm answer to that question.  It’s complicated.  The best house painting designs and colors for you will depend on how it looks in the actual room, with the actual lighting, at various times of day, what color you are putting it on top of, what other colors are in the room, and even in conjunction with your existing finishes of home colour selection process.

Simple Rules for House Painting Designs and Colors Optimization

There is no rocket science while selecting a best house painting design and colors; by following some quick tricks you will be able to make a perfect wall color combination.

Here We Go:

  1. Balance bright saturated colors with lots of white during home colour selection process.
  2. Kids room tend to take the cleaner and saturated colors best; while adult rooms require a slight muddiness to them and lighter tones, as a rule. (Muddy or soft muted colors have a hint of black to darken them.) this gives them some sophistication.
  3. Wall home colour selection are trending to the lighter tones.  They are also trending away from beiges and browns, and more towards grays.
  4. Don’t forget ceilings.  Be intentional.
  5. Use brighter and more saturated colors for furniture and accessories.
  6.  Best undertone for white is yellow or gray, best for gray is green and best for brown is gray.
  7.  When choosing a white, make sure it works with the fixed white in your home – sinks, cabinets, or anything that will not be changed.  Is that white crisp, warm, creamy?
  8. Use primer if going from light to a dark saturated color.

Suggested Steps When Searching a Paint For Home Colour Selection

Before you finalize color in your imagination, do some trial and error method to optimize your best house painting designs and color selection process, in this way you can save extra cost too.

  1. Google the color you are considering and see if you can find it in a room. This is a good starting point.
  2. Get a sample of all colors under consideration at your local paint store. One store can usually give samples of other brands if they have the color on file.
  3. Paint the samples on at least wall in every space that you are considering it. 2 ft by 2 ft will be an ideal size to analyze. Note that, this is good if you will not be priming so you can see how the color works on top of the existing color.  However, if it’s a saturated color and you do not choose a similar one, you may have to prime over the sample spot later.
  1. Look at the color at different times of the day to see what undertones become dominant. Give it a few days. Hold other colors next to it.
  1. The final step of home colour selection is – Decide on a color.


Hope that helps you get started.  I also recommend buying a fan deck from the brands that you prefer, this could be your helping hand in home colour selection process.  It is a time saver when it comes to trips to the store.  That way you can look at any swatch in your home prior to buying a sample.



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