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05 Magical Ways For Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Are you the one, looking for home decorating ideas on a budget? Trust me! You just landed the right page because you will unlock some smart styling hacks by reading this article completely.

Having a home you love is really important as it’ll make you comfortable and happy. Many homeowners scower sites like finding inspiration in the hopes of replicating something beautiful, however, reviving living room spaces could be frustrating because of the limited design options you have. While decorating, your room should look spacious and appealing to your family and guests; otherwise, your money will be wasted. You can magically transform your spaces by following some extraordinary living room décor ideas without any care of your room sizes.

Here Are 05 Magical Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget To Add Some Style

  1. Add Crown Molding

Crown molding adds character and richness. Professionally installed, it’s in the ballpark of $10 per foot. But, a DIY version can be as low as $2 a foot, depending on the material and the design of the molding, Adding these art moldings will spice up your home decor.

If you want to save even more money, you can do a faux version like in the image above, by using some thin molding and paint. Paint the molding before you install it, then simply hang it either a few inches down from the existing crown molding to beef it up or install just the thin molding both at the ceiling and a few inches below that. Paint the remaining space between the two moldings the same color as the molding to trick the eye into thinking it is all one piece. Simple and inexpensive.

  1. Mix And Match Pieces In The Room

Rather than buy a complete furniture set, mix and match pieces would be great. In fact, the trend right now is not to match at all. This method draws its energy from contrast. Just be sure to find enough similarities to make a space gel.

Notice that the furniture above is not a complete matching set, yet the general style is contemporary, vintage, rustic and minimal. Mixing and matching give the room more depth and character. And, the image below is also not matching, yet it is cohesive.

So, it is alright to pick up one piece off of Craigslist and another from a big box store. This allows you to mix inexpensive pieces with higher-end items. These ideas for home decorating on a budget will help you to save a lot.

  1. Group Art Together To Make One Large Piece

Large pieces of art can get expensive, so why not use what you have on hand and group smaller frames together to create a large piece? Group like frames, colors or styles to create a cohesive look or mix it up for a bohemian feel. Use your photography, art from books, maps, and even fabrics or wallpaper to fill the frames.

It could be the best cheap home décor ideas by which you make your space spectacular with spending any huge amount. Moreover, there are several available websites, allowing you to buy canvas paintings that will uplift your home decor while keeping you in the budget.


  1. Use Fabric To Add Style

Nothing softens a space with a lot of hard surfaces like fabric. The addition of fun and contemporary patterns on fabric can also add style. One way to use the fabric is through curtains. Curtains are the number one way to polish off space.

Be sure to hang them high and wide. This makes the windows seem larger. A general rule of thumb is to hang them within 6 inches of the ceiling and up to 18 inches beyond the sides of the windows.

Another way to use fabric in a room is by adding throw pillows to a sofa. Invest in large throw pillows constructed in quality fabric, if possible.

Source: Tina Eastern Interiors

A great place to get long enough, yet inexpensive curtains is IKEA. They come in lengths up to 118 inches.

To make your space stylish, you have to scrap pillows that are 18 inches or bigger because it will give you store-bought feel. You can search numerous online stores and grab a best possible deal considering your goal of home decorating ideas on a budget.

Be sure to choose a quality fabric that complements your room’s design.

If you purchase 20-inch pillow covers, buy slightly larger 22-inch pillow inserts to put inside them. This gives the pillow a nice robust feel.

  1. Use Vintage Items

Let Craigslist, antique malls, thrift stores, and your grandma’s attic be your best friends. Through these venues, you can find unique pieces at great prices. Vintage pieces add such character when sprinkled throughout a room.

They provide a sense of history and a feeling that space has been collected and grown over time. For instance, you can find a couple of amazing vintage lamps similar to these lamps from Pagazzi to brighten your living space and show that it has an air of history.

Source: Architectural Digest

Below are photos for inspiration to opt for used vintage items so you can make your living room spaces more appealing.

As you are out searching for vintage items, be sure to check out the furniture. Painting an old piece of furniture that appears outdated can breathe new life into it and give a contemporary look.

Look for solid wood pieces with interesting detail. See past the wood finish.


These simple techniques of a home decorating ideas on a budget could save thousands of bucks without compromising on styling your spaces. Think out of the box to achieve something extra-ordinary, a small living room is what you have but making it cramped and cluttered is not what you want for that. So, try to utilize the tips mentioned above and set the benchmark for your family.


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