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A Day With Successful Entrepreneurs in Pakistan – CONSTERIOR (Rising Architect of Pakistan)

There are list of successful entrepreneurs in Pakistan that sets successful business stories. Today, we are publishing the most awaited success stories of Pakistani entrepreneurs named as “M/s CONSTERIOR” the rising architect and contracting firm of Pakistan.

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Let’s start the interview and read this success stories of Pakistani entreprenuers.

  1. Introduction of the entrepreneur i.e. bird in hand (who he is, what he knows and whom he knows)?

Omair Raza owner of Consterior Pvt. Ltd. A renowned construction and interior designing company. He got his bachelor’s degree in Textile designing in 2009.Started his career as a job employee in many different firms and textile companies but deep down himself he knows that he wants to startup his own business .In 2010 he opened a boutique and pursued his career in ladies clothing and fashion designing but it was not a major success and came to an end in 2011. At that time he got married and was left with less than five thousand rupees in his bank account. That was the time of the establishment of Consterior pvt ltd. He identified his bird in hand by judging himself and the available opportunities including his education , skills and contacts regarding the new venture startup.

  1. How did he spot this opportunity? Was it planning, chance or luck and how did his bird-in-hand help him in spotting this opportunity?

Omair Raza’ s younger brother sumair raza was a Civil engineer and was continuously persuading him to startup a venture related to a construction company as it has a great market value and less reliable competitors in the market which will consequently help them in flourishing in the market. Therefore, it was partly planned and partly role of their luck that Sumair raza once made some Software layouts that was a major hit in the market and gave them a chance to enter in this field of work. With the help of bird in hand principle he analyzed himself and his brother’s experience and talent to work upon the target and complete the desired goal.

  1. How did he develop his bird in hand in this journey?

Omair raza deeply studied the market trends and requirements before setting up the venture. We do not always have a clear overview of our identities, but mapping out our values and attributes can help us use our strengths in new projects. He mapped his own values and thought about what makes him motivated and committed. He created a list of his professional competencies and skills. He kept himself flexible enough to change the direction of his project when he start collaborating with people in his network. He intelligently utilized his creative mindset skills and his brother’s knowledge about construction work and designing layout awareness. They both took a closer look at what means are actually available to him and what can be availed and produced through it. He actually focused on what means and skills are available to him right now rather than defining a specific plan to reach a specific goal. He firstly entered in the field of construction work soon he realized that he can also do some renovation and creative work so jumped on that part too and extended their field of work. Later on they also started to provide materials and equipment through their website in lower cost and currently Consterior Pvt. Ltd has become a group of companies that has now launched his E-Commerce section also to provide the opportunity of online shopping.

  1. How did he find his first customer? What was something special in finding his first customer? Was the product special or service or something else? What was the feedback? How were you different than others?

He luckily found his first customer in his friends circle who was his batch mate in the university and wanted to do some renovation work in his house. Trusting a newly started venture is not an easy task but the special thing was that he blindly trusted the Raza brothers because he was well aware of their talent and creative mindset. He actually knew that no matter the company is newly established but his work was in hardworking hands. That project turned out to be their remarkable piece of work and despite of spending years on this venture they still show that project to the clients to reserve orders and tenders. Consterior Pvt. Ltd. was than recommended to many other people and folks by their first customer and it just started booming in the market.

  1. How did he arrange the resources for the startup i.e. savings, family, slack, resources, borrowings, banks?

The amazing thing about this business was that he didn’t invested even a single penny in his startup. He made a website and started reserving orders on it. The client paid advance money and he just started rolling up the money to earn and invest. He intelligently handled the advance payment to equally invest in the construction and renovation project and equally earn the profit after paying money to the labors and workers. He used his contacts and links to hire the cheapest and hardworking labor as possible and they both himself paid a sharp attention and interminable devotion on the creation and development of their  plan to build it totally according to the clients will so that it could become a master piece

  1. How did he respond to surprises? How much did he plan? Did he develop a business plan? How did the surprises change the business model?

Surprises are major part of an entrepreneurial’ s life. He excellently dealt with the challenges and overcame the consequences that occurred in make the venture successful and well known. Its marketing and promotion was the hardest and foremost task in this business. As there were numerous competitors in the market and providing low cost and affordable plan was the solidest duty for the team. He planned and organized the team of labors, workers and model design makers to work in comparatively lower rates. Bought construction materials in bulk from the dealers that provide it in better prices. They made a business plan to make a strategy for the perfect startup. Further on he made many shifts and transformations in the plan to meet the targets and challenges like in the beginning of the startup they used to work on even smaller projects too for example only washroom renovation or garden decoration but soon they realized that smaller projects require a lot of hard work and time but in return there is a lesser profit earning. Therefore they quit taking such orders and decided to work only on the projects that worth at least 10 lacs.

  1. What was his mind set regarding competition? What is his comments about collaboration? How did he built his quilt? Who were his partners, advisors, consultants, supporters and how did they help him?

There were many competitors in the market and their major target was to provide services in the cheapest possible rates and could provide a reliable piece of work to satisfy the customer’s demands and need in the best possible manner. The idea behind this approach was to provide maximum visibility, drive reliance & offer par excellence customer service to existing, as well as potential, customer base. To create a lasting relationship with their clients by exceeding their expectations, and gaining their trust by maintaining high standards of integrity, cost and professionalism.

  1. What was his attitude towards life i.e. humility, arrogance, considerate, concerns towards humanity, ethical, environmental and social considerations?

Attitude means a way of looking at things or point of view. Our attitude to life determines life’s attitude to us. This simply means we shape our own lives. .Successful entrepreneurs have a good attitude towards themselves, they expect to succeed more than they fail. They expect more good things in life than bad. Our environment is the mirror of our attitude, before changing the environment we have to change our attitude. If you want something worthwhile, take the attitude that there are lot more reasons why you can have it than there are that you cannot have it and set out to do it. Fly after your goal or run after it or walk after it or crawl after it, whatever you do, just keep moving towards your goal. Without a doubt, your attitude determines how far you get in life. Have an attitude for growth and see growth as a result of becoming a magnet that attracts good things not just waiting for good things to come to you.

  1. Did the entrepreneur feel closer to God in this journey?

Raza brothers were already having a religious mindset but after starting up this business they started praying more frequently because if you think God cares about you, you are more likely to believe in and start develop firm trust in God.

  1. Ask the entrepreneur for any lessons for new aspiring entrepreneurs.

The most important advice that could be given by the owners of Consterior Pvt. Ltd. is that don’t ever wait for the perfect moment to make a change, pursue a dream, or start your company. If there’s something you want, prepare yourself for it, and then go get it. Life as an entrepreneur isn’t always peachy. Yes, you can become very successful, but for every entrepreneur’s success, you can pretty much guarantee at least one, two or 20 failures before they hit the jackpot. When bad times approach, roll with it.

  • Stay strong and believe in yourself. You will get through and you will turn things around if you really want to. Perseverance is a necessary trait.
  • Keep challenging yourself. We never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually do it.
  • Believe in yourself and have a vision because an entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a desire to create it. Keep your vision clear at all times.
  • Face your fears. Overcoming fear isn’t easy, but it must be done. Take action. The world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action.
  • Know your goals, Set goals and remind yourself of them each day.
  • Learn from mistakes. When you learn from your mistakes, you move closer to success even though you initially failed.
  1. What are your proposed solutions?

The solution to every problem occurring in a newly started venture could be resolved by following the mentioned techniques.

  • Know your target market: Who would benefit from your product or service and how to propose a better solution to them.
  • Reach your customers: Use advertising, promotion or networking to meet your customers where they already are. Show them your product or service is the solution.
  • Bring your customer to your store or website. And persuade them to buy your product or use your services.
  • Deliver the goods. Collect testimonials and referrals.
  • Get the expertise you need. Before we commit to a solution, we need an expert to check our work. It’s simple. Do most of the work yourself.



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