Alicia Keys, Buys Astonishing Apartment Worth $20.8 Million Razor House

The name of Alicia Keys doesn’t need any introduction; she is one of the most popular American musician, songwriter & singer. Some of her popular songs are like you never see me, girl on fire, you don’t my name, if I ain’t got you & lots more. Every single blog, newspaper & TV channels are discussing her mansion these days regarding that mansion she has bought recently. The price of a luxurious mansion worth 20.8$ Million US Dollars only. No doubt, this mansion is included among the most expensive of all time located in La Jolla town.

Alicia Keys Mansion Introduction

The asked price by the seller of the house “Donald burns” was 30.0$ Million US Dollar but after some negotiations, the deal cracked in 20.8$ Million US Dollars. It has also been noticed that this house is among the town most expensive house ever.

This news was first cracked by the Wall Street Journal about Alicia Keys powerhouse mansion worth 20.9$ Million US Dollars. Alicia keys mansion is truly an architectural masterpiece, below are the quick details of the mansion:

Seller Name Donald Burns
Asked Price 30.0$ Million US Dollars
Buyer Name Alicia Keys (The Great Singer)
Purchased Price 20.8$ Million US Dollars
Covered Area 11,545 Square feet
No. Of Bedrooms 06 Numbers
No. Of Bathrooms 08 Numbers


This mansion was first built in the year of 2007 by a well-known architect named Wallace E. Cunningham. But the client got bankrupt and then purchase by Donald Burns in the year of 2011 for 08 years. This mansion inspired by Iron Man Fiction movie and maintained meticulously with up to the mark finishing.

Let’s break the curiosity of our visitors and explore the most expensive mansion of La Jolla, Calif town in the USA.

Let’s Get Into The Alicia Keys Mansion Worth 20.8$ Million US Dollars

The above picture is the entrance garage parking area of this mansion.

Every corner of this house is designed with such a perfection that will make you in love with its architect.

This house will make you closer to nature, this is the main concept behind its designing.

View of the sunset from the living room of this mansion is seriously jaw-dropping which will surely help you to calm yourself after a hectic routine of your life.

No need to go on beaches when you have such an amazing and stylish beach bed at your home for sunbath.

The interior of this house is truly exceptional because of premium finishes & the sense of furniture used in every inch of the space.

So, what will you do after having such an exceptional evening just from the living room of your house? Trust me! this mansion purchased by Alicia keys is a true masterpiece.

Final Words:

The mansion purchased by Alicia Keys worth 20.8$ Million US Dollars is one of the best houses in town. Its architecture, interior, construction & landscaping represent modern design prospects that will make your life relaxing.

We would love if you can make your precious comment on this house of Alicia Keys about her decision is it worth it or not? Thanks.


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