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Amazing Tips For Cleaning Leather Furniture At Home

Do you have expensive leather furniture at home? And looking for some amazing tips to clean leather furniture at home? Then you hit the right blog. Numerous companies are charging heavy prices for offering their cleaning service because people don’t know the process of cleaning at home. Actually, the proper way to clean leather furniture is to avoid damaging it.

“Anyone could take a damp rag and start wiping. Doing something like that will probably result in discoloring the leather.”

Things To Know Before Cleaning Leather Furniture

If you purchased your furniture from a reputable company then they probably supplied with a leather care guide. Simply follow it and you won’t go wrong. The guide probably includes cleaning techniques as well as recommended leather cleaners.

Perhaps you bought your leather second hand and you have no kind of information on cleaning. If this is your situation then it is vital to know exactly what kind of leather you have. You can go about this by researching the different kinds of leather and figuring out which kind is yours. Maybe you have pure aniline or even suede. Whatever the case you need to know or else you will damage your furniture.

The instructions that I will outline below will be for industry-standard leather furniture.

Cleaning Leather Furniture Steps

First Step:

  • The first thing you need to do is vacuum away any little crumbs that make their way into your leather sofa or chair. You have to be very careful with the vacuum cleaner and ever your fingernails. Leather can easily be scratched so also make sure you are not wearing any jewelry that might scratch the leather.

Second Step:

  • Use baby wipes to gently wipe the leather although as a precaution you should first test a small section of your leather furniture. Do this somewhere where no one could notice if a stain develops. The back of your leather furniture in the lower left or right corner would be ideal especially if your furniture the back of your sofa is facing a wall.

Third Step:

  • Use another clean soft cotton cloth that is lightly damped to remove the moisture from the baby wipes. And just a reminder don’t use cheap baby wipes or ones with chemicals. You want to use water-based wipes with mild soap.

Fourth Step:

  • After you completed the previous step now it’s time to dry the sofa. Which by the way should not be wet at all because you are using as little moisture as possible. Certainly use a soft dry clean cloth when doing this.

Fifth Step:

  • Last but not least and this is optional you can use a leather conditioner. There are varying brands so you’ll have to read the individual instructions that will come with the product.

BONUS! How To Clean Leather Furniture Stains

There are many kinds of stains and might include ones caused by liquid, food, ink, grease or just about anything else.


Considering that leather is unique you have to be very cautious. If you have some liquid that spilled then you can clean leather furniture by taking a dry cloth and gently wiping the leather. If you are quick enough you might be able to do this before the liquid sinks into the leather. Liquids are like a bubble so if you clean it before the bubble bursts then you’re okay.

“Having liquids around leather is a dangerous combination so why put yourself in that situation, to begin with.”

Just make sure you wipe the liquid before the leather absorbs it or you might just have yourself a nasty stain.


Grease stains can be removed with a dry cloth but DO NOT use water or soap because you will exacerbate the situation. You can certainly make the grease stain permanent bu using water.


It’s obvious that leather furniture needs to be treated gently and carefully. Leather sofas are used as seating for home theater rooms. Most often people drink beverages and eat popcorn on their furniture in this situation. The popcorn won’t be a problem but you have to think twice about eating other kinds of foods especially greasy food that could leave a lasting stain. You can take care of all liquid spills by using no-spill mugs and cups. Taking care of your leather and know the proper steps to cleaning leather furniture will go a long way to maintaining your leather furniture a good condition.


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