Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

In case you never heard the term barndominium, it might be good to know that it was first used in the late 20th century, when it referred to a property that offered a house or a lot, along with boarding facilities where the residents could keep their horses. Nowadays, the term refers to new buildings based on barndominium interior plans or existing barns that were converted to habitable places. In recent years, they have reached enormous popularity, and many people have used famous interior designers to achieve this style. But before getting this designer stamp on your home, it would be excellent to know exactly what you want. It will save you time, money, and resources. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best barndominium interior design ideas.

What is the barndominium style?

Since the increased popularity of being primarily used, barndominums have been broadly used as a second home, both by the younger and the older generation.  Barndominium interior ideas can be adjusted to your own style and preference, so there is no single solution when it comes to barndominium interior design ideas. It can be a combination of different styles if you wish. Therefore, if you would like a place to enjoy your hobbies or work and enjoy barn-style modern aesthetics, this style might be the perfect option for you. 

Ideas for the interior of your barndominium

As we mentioned, the barndominium interior design ideas can be adjusted to your preferences. However, if you wish to keep the coziness of the small-scale living present, simple barndominium interior styles are the best choice. Therefore, you might choose some of the ideas we are going to suggest if they sound appealing to you.

Minimalistic styles

Barndominiums coated in minimalism have a rustic charm that can spark a freshly renovated burn and give it elegance at the same time due to a combination of clean, white barn dominium interior walls. This style makes any home stylish and trendy and brings calmness and relaxation to the space. Feng Shui experts even recommend using this style in your home since it doesn’t support cluttered rooms that can elevate anxiety. Furthermore, you might want to use artificial plants and flower decorations since they have numerous advantages over natural ones. Moreover, they will be perfectly paired with minimalistic aesthetics.

The minimalistic style is one of the best barndominium interior design ideas. It brightens up the space with its color palette and creates a calming atmosphere.

Vaulted ceilings

It’s not uncommon to see vaulted ceilings in barndominums. They are also high and self-supporting ceilings, so they don’t need a load-bearing wall to support them. Having this kind of ceiling in a barndominium will make them airier and brighter due to the natural light. However, if you choose to install them, please be aware that birds can cause some damage since there are numerous problems pigeons are known to cause in high-rise buildings with this kind of ceiling.

Barndominium interior design ideas for the kitchen

Having a sizable kitchen in your barndominium home is one of its main assets. A grand kitchen with bar stools and a counter will make any home enriched with a rustic charm. The most suitable colors to use would be warm wooden tones on the walls and the furniture, paired beautifully with suitable flooring for your kitchen. All of this will give the kitchen more personality and an additional vintage appeal.

A beautifully designed kitchen.
Wooden notes will give any new bardominium kitchen a gorgeous rustic touch.

A unique barndominium loft

To invoke the traditional charm of a barndominium, it might be an excellent idea to consider putting in a loft with some unique loft railing ideas. Additionally, combining it with vaulted ceilings will brighten up the wooden structure of a loft, which might appeal dark and cramped. Having a loft creates a beautifully romantic feeling inside your barndominium. Placing a large, luxurious armchair and a bookshelf filled with literary classics can genuinely add to the entire atmosphere.

Lodge aesthetics

Barndominium décor ideas rely on using the concept of a lodge in order to create an inviting and warm home. The characteristics of this style use railings, beams, floors, ceilings, and even cupboards that are mostly made of wood. Sometimes, even the exterior design can mainly consist of wood. In those cases, experts from advise ensuring you regularly clean and maintain your home. Additionally, adding a fireplace would be a lovely touch. However, make sure to have it put in by the most reliable professionals since a fireplace in a home with many wooden features can be pretty dangerous.

woman enjoying tea

Final comments

Whether you are planning to use your barndominium as a second home or just as a place to unwind and relax after a hard day’s work, barndominium interior design ideas are something that must be taken into consideration. The choice of interior design will affect not only the appeal of your home and its aesthetics but it will also affect how you feel in it. So, don’t leave every decision to an interior designer. Working with professionals is undoubtedly more effortless, but participating in the work will be much more rewarding since they can implement your preferences and taste into the design. Consider some of our suggestions a create the barndominium of your dreams. Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with wooden furniture and décor or a bright, electric feeling with a minimalistic style. Or why not have a combination of both?

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