09 Reasons Why Frameless Mirror Are Ideal Choice For Home Decore

Frameless Mirrors have been with us for over 200 years. Since their innovation, they have been a critical part of our day to day lives. They are used for safety in automobiles, photography, fashion and design, affirmation, and science. Mirrors have also been instrumental in the decoration of spaces. Their properties of reflecting and refracting light have made them useful in enhancing the appearance of a space.

Mirrors come in many sizes, shapes, and designs. We are talking about mirrors with no frames, frame mirrors, oval beveled mirrors, and so on. Different homeowners and interior designers use different types of mirrors for different décor. In this case, we are going to focus on frameless mirrors.

They are made stronger than their framed counterparts since they do not have the framed support, and they come in many designs.

What makes Frameless Mirrors highly admired by modern interior designers?

If you look around, you will notice that the frameless option is the most used for décor. Here are the reasons why they are loved by interior designers.

Minimalistic design

Minimalist design is a term that has been used a lot in the recent past. It defines a contemporary home design style with clear space with no clutter. A homeowner with a minimalist design wants to have empty and clear spaces with not so much going on. Minimalism, in this case, is considered even when selecting artwork and mirrors.

Frameless mirrors are loved for their support for the minimalist design. Less is always more, and for this reason, this mirror design is able to blend in all spaces, be it contemporary or rustic home design.

Makes the impression of wider space

These mirrors are loved for their ability to create the illusion of space since they have a larger mirror surface area. Airiness brings ambiance to a space. Unfortunately, most are the times that homes do not have much extra space. Interior designers view frameless mirrors are important décor objects that can make a cramped space look much larger through the refraction of light and reflection. These mirrors can be used in kitchen backsplashes to make the area bigger, living rooms, bedrooms, and even the hallways.

Easy to Install

Unlike framed mirrors, the frameless ones are easy to install. They can fit in any space, and they are lighter, making them easy to hang. They can be installed using mirror glue, clips, and command strips. Installing them in homes doesn’t take much effort, and finding the perfect spot to install it is equally easy.

Easy to clean and Maintain

The frames for framed mirrors have different materials. Some are wooden, metallic, vinyl, and many other materials. When it comes to cleaning, the framed mirrors have more work compared to their frameless counterparts. In order to protect the material of the frame, you have to give it special cleaning using specific cleaning agents. With the frameless option, all you need to take care of is the mirrored surface. What’s impressive is the fact that the mirror does not require any special detergents. With clean water, soap, and a sponge, you can keep it looking great.

Maintenance is also easy when a mirror doesn’t have a frame. You do not have to worry about warping the wooden frame due to the fluctuation of temperatures. A frameless mirror will look presentable for a very long time.

Durable and Economical Option

This goes down to the cost of maintenance and ownership. A framed mirror will cost more because extra framing materials are used to make it. The frameless mirror will cost you less because the framing material will not be factored in the final price of the mirror.

When it comes to installation, a framed mirror might cost you more, making it a costly option. Maintenance is also indulging special detergents for cleaning a framed mirror that will attract extra costs. Since frameless mirrors are durable, you will need fewer repairs and replacement. Since they do not have a frame, they are made stronger than the framed ones, hence hard to break.

Beautiful options of Beveled Edges

Unpolished edges can be unsafe if the mirror is installed somewhere contact is likely. If you don’t want the rough edges, you can have the mirror beveled. These mirrors have their edges cut and polished into different shapes and angles, creating a finished and complete look. There are many excellent options for a beveled finish.

A beveled edge is flat and ground at a certain angle from the surface of the mirror. There is the single bevel, double bevel, dual bevel, and the bevel ogee, which is a combination of the bevel and ogee finishing. Beveling gives the frameless mirror an elegant finish that leaves the edges slimmer than the middle portion of the mirror.

It is also worth noting that the beveled edge plays the role of a prism that refracts light, creating a spectrum. This makes them the best when it comes to aesthetics. The beveling also makes this frameless option safer to handle and gives more depth to the space.

Ideal for a modern style of bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom mirrors, have them frameless for utmost elegance. Also, since the bathroom area is moist, having framed mirrors can attract the growth of molds at the seals and water retention, which can cause rot or corrosion. Without framing, the mirror will also take up less space and have a bigger surface for reflection, making your bathroom look bigger.

Large frameless mirror instead of a small framed mirror

A large mirror will extend your bathroom beyond its walls, and create an illusion of space better than the small ones. More so, it will refract and reflect more light making the area airier and brighter than the smaller option. If your space is small and with low natural light, a large frameless mirror would be ideal.

Mirrors are precious when it comes to interior design. Choosing the right mirror design is also critical for getting the best out of its decorative effect. Frameless options have proved to be affordable, aesthetically superior, and easy to maintain.



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