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Gaming vs. Ergonomic Which is Best Chair for Office Work?

Whether you’re a programmer or you’re sitting in front of the computer the entire day, you need a suitable office chair. There are several types of chairs but you need to know which is best chair for office work chair. Let’s get started:

At first glance, all may seem decent enough for office work. But they really aren’t. Using one that’s not designed to be sat on for longer hours can lead to discomfort. And you will definitely feel more tired after the entire day.

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So today we’re going to list what we think are the most suitable types of chairs for the office. And we’ll toss in our favorite brands.

Chairs That Are Fit For Office Work

Ergonomic chairs

These are the more expensive types of chairs. Sitting for too long resulted in a plethora of discomforts and pain. And that led to the discovery of ergonomic office chairs. These chairs offer more support and comfort, particularly for the lumbar or the lower back.

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to help you improve your posture. So it prevents you from slouching. Different brands use varying technologies to mimic the shape of the spine.

And it is astounding to see how sophisticated some brands can get. The backseat design has grown in leaps and bounds. Modern ergonomic chairs may even look like they came from the future.

These chairs also offer more customization and adjustability. So you will be able to find the position where you will feel the most comfortable for your back. These chairs may be known for their hefty price tag, but it does not always have to be like that. You can also find decent ergonomic chairs that are not too far off your budget.

Editor’s Favorite Ergonomic Chairs

Steelcase gesture

This chair is sleek, sophisticated, and sexy looking. It ticks all the boxes of our list. Steelcase Gesture is also one of the more durable and heavy-duty chairs. From the build and construction, you can tell these are expensive. The Gesture also can cater to a majority of users. It can go low enough and it can also go high enough.

All the parts are widely adjustable. And if you’ll ask us about back comfort, it is indeed comfortable. So even people who do not have any back issues also have this chair on their wish list.

What we don’t like? Like other Steelcase office chairs, it has several plastic parts. Though these plastic parts are durable and are very far away from that flimsy China-made plastic, they are still plastic.

Herman Miller Embody

The Embody is one beautifully crafted and extremely flexible ergonomic chair. The backseat design looks like so much detail and thought were put into it. And you can feel those details when you are sitting on the chair.

Like the Gesture, this feels really nice on the back, it’s comforting but feels more flexible. The backseat is made from a different material. It has a rubber material and is covered with fabric. The special type of rubber and plastic accounts for its extreme flexibility,

And at the same time, this chair can take on the big and the heavy. It also has tons of customization options and adjustable features that can sit taller users.

What we don’t like? The armrests tend to be a bit clunky and it feels kinda loose.

Haworth Fern

The Fern chair is considerably more affordable than the Embody and the Gesture. And this is also a very comfortable chair that you will not mind sitting on for the whole day. It also has several adjustment levels, even more than what the two premium chairs above have. Some users even find it nicer on the back than Gesture and Embody. Another option for people who love Ergonomic chairs, according to, is Mayochair from Autonomous, compared to the same Evochair.

What we don’t like? In terms of durability and longevity, we cannot bank on this chair. And it might not be able to last that long and cannot sit the big and the heavy.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs for office work? Yes, you heard that right. Some people may shun the idea of using a gaming chair to work. But come to think of it. Gamers spend an entire day playing. So when they buy a chair, they look for one which is the most comfortable to sit on for the whole day. It has to be one that can let them play comfortably from dusk till dawn. So it just makes sense that it can also be comfortable enough for a day at the office, right?

Gaming chairs have several differences from gaming chairs. One, most gaming chairs are thickly padded. They are made from PU leather. And while you have an option to choose from fabric, mesh, or leather in an ergonomic office chair, you rarely have that option in a gaming chair.

But some want that cushiony plush feel that gamers seem to enjoy. So if you are all for a more thickly cushioned seat, then you’ll love it. Just keep in mind that if you live in a hotter area, it can get uncomfortable and sweaty.

Two, you will likely be able to spot a gaming chair from a distance. Aside from the thick padded cushions, they have a somewhat racy look to them. It mimics the seat of a racing car. And that’s also the same with the seat pan itself. The seat of ergonomic office chairs is often flat, gaming chairs have a bucket seat.

It has wings at the sides and is enclosed. And this can be cradling for your butt, provided that you have the right chair size. But some may find it too restricting. So you have to be sure of the chair’s size before buying one.

The lumbar support of gaming chairs is somewhat different. It comes in the form of a detachable lumbar pillow. And you also can enjoy a detachable neck pillow.

In addition, the recline function of gaming chairs is better than most entry-level or even mid-range ergonomic office chairs. You can recline the chair further to the back. And this can release the tension that you are feeling. You may even be able to recline it to a horizontal position and take a 15-minute nap.

In addition, we also find the armrests of most gaming chairs extremely adjustable. Though premium ergonomic office chairs and some midrange ones can also offer 4d or 3d arms. But you’ll rarely find an entry-level chair that can be adjusted both ways.

Editors’ Favorite Gaming Chairs

  1. E-Win

What sets E-win apart from other gaming chairs is that it features a waterfall edge seat. Most gaming chairs have a bucket-style set and this can be numbing behind the knee. That’s why most ergonomic office chairs have a waterfall edge seat. This takes care of the numbing behind the knees. And the E win is one of the few gaming chairs that have this feature.

  1. Secret Lab Omega Series

Most gaming chairs have reduced ergonomics compared to well, yeah ergonomic chairs. And that is what made the Secret Lab Omega Series stand out. It’s one of the few more ergonomic gaming chairs in the market. It is very comfortable when sat on for extended computer use. And if cushioned gaming chairs tend to be too, this chair offers a more breathable fabric.

Gaming Chair vs. Ergonomic Chair

So which is better for you? Let’s round it all up.

  1. Some gaming chairs can be suitable for office work. But keep in mind that they’d have lesser ergonomics. Ergonomic office chairs still offer better lumbar and back support. So if you have a great need for a more pronounced lumbar support, ergonomic office chairs are the most suitable for you.
  2. Gaming chairs may lack ergonomics, especially for the lumbar and the back. But they can offer a more plush comfort. So if you just need a basic office chair that can keep comfortable and don’t mind a bucket seat, you will find gaming chairs comfortable enough for work.
  3. For people who love a pronounced reclined function and a more cushioned seating experience, gaming chairs are the best option. Just make sure that you do not live in regions where it tends to be hotter. And since most are made from PU leather, they can feel too hot during the summer.
  4. But here’s the thing. Lower-end gaming chairs are more ergonomic than lower-end ergonomic office chairs. So this is one thing to consider if you are tight on the budget.

Final Words

Gaming chairs and ergonomic office chairs are not two peas in a pod. They have different technologies and different types of comfort to offer.

Comfort is subjective. So a very comfortable chair for one person may be extremely uncomfortable for you. Sitting on the chair for the entire day will help you gauge if it is indeed what your body needs. So better buy one with a money-back guarantee.



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