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Cost to Remove Load bearing Wall – Really Is It So Cheap?

Are you looking for an accurate estimated cost to remove load bearing wall? Just to make your room spacious to bring more natural light or getting more space then read this article till the end.

In this article, we are going to reveal the basics of load bearing wall and help you to find the accurate load bearing wall removal cost. First, you need to understand about load bearing wall before deep diving into the topic.

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Check Hurry! The Accurate Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall Varies Between:

  1. For Single Floor House – It may cost you 300$ to 1000$
  2. For Multi-Story House – It may cost you 3200$ to 9, 000$ (With Supporting Beams)
  3. For Partition Wall – It may cost you 300$ to 1000$

What Is Load Bearing Wall?

If you are planning to have some major renovation work in your home or office then it is important to understand the difference between load bearing wall and non-load bearing wall.

Load bearing wall is one of the most important structures of the house and it decides the overall strength of your house. These are responsible for providing strength to your house and any slight change in their structure cab cause major problems in the overall structure or strength of your wall.

How To Tell If A Wall Is Load Bearing?

Generally the external walls are the load bearing wall, and they support the major weight of the roof. You can even consult a structural engineer for the overall loading capacity of the wall.

The main purpose of a load bearing wall is to hold a structure or transfer its weight from one section to another. There can be major consequences of removing a load bearing wall and it can also lead to collapsing of the overall structure supported by the wall.

Benefits Of Removing A Load Bearing Wall

Load bearing wall removal can give many benefits to the home owners. You may desire a more open floor and remove the wall between your kitchen and room to be removed. You may like to install a pool table in your basement and there is no enough space, so better you may remove the inner wall and get the more space. Whether it is to increase the value of your home or for aesthetically, load bearing wall removal can be the best solution.

  • Opportunities for Better Interaction among Families

Removing a wall is best idea to make certain changes inside your rooms or dining hall. Removing the walls and open floors are much preferred nowadays because they increase the opportunities for connection and interaction among the families. One way to achieve and increase the interaction in between friends and families is by removing a wall or certain obstacles which can cause limit access and visual connection.

  • Bring More Space

For instance, a bigger project you may think is about achieving a bigger kitchen by removing a wall between dining room and kitchen and it will probably increase the space and comfortable use of both walls. Removing a wall between family room and under-used living room is another option to attach these both rooms and bring some more space. There are different home improvements which you can do and bring the more space and looking your house more comfortable.

Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall

Load bearing wall removal cost can vary based on the contractors and how much they are attached with other structural arrangements of your home. Usually load bearing walls are constructed using concrete, plaster or big cemetery blocks.

  • Factors Affecting The Load Bearing Wall Removal Cost

  1. Connection of Wall – The cost may vary based on which walls you want to drop from in between your rooms and how much it is connected with structure of other portion of house.
  2. House Structural Details – It will also vary depending on construction of your home and how the structure works.
  3. Upper Floor Details – The roof structure, carpentry skills and second floor structure detail may also affect the removal cost.
  4. Consider Every Wall As Load Bearing – It’s better to be considering the safe ways and before removing a wall, consider the every wall as load bearing wall, and then load bearing wall removal cost to be estimated.
  5. Supporting Beam Cost – The most commonly used method is to build a new header and post structure that may hold the wall joints with other walls or ceiling after the removal of wall. This means load bearing wall removal cost will be charged more if new structure of taking weight needs to be developed.

Accurate Cost To Remove Load Bearing Wall

  • For Single Floor House – It may cost you 300$ to 1000$
  • For Multi-Story House – It may cost you 3200$ to 9, 000$ (With Supporting Beams)
  • For Partition Wall – It may cost you 300$ to 1000$

The cost of removing a load-bearing wall can vary, especially depending on where the wall is in the home. Before committing to any contractor, gathering a few quotes will help you determine the best value for money for the job. Thankfully, there are sites like Cost Shed which can help make finding quotes a lot easier. Out of a selection of quotes, choosing the middle option is usually the most suitable as they’re not too cheap that mistakes will be made and they’re not overpriced compared to others.

There are three main stages to the load bearing wall removal and then setting the arrangements. Just knocking on the wall required to be removed and visiting of professional is not enough, a professional worker will need the complete survey and understanding of weight being carried by a load bearing wall.

How To Remove A Load Bearing Wall

We all know that load bearing wall is very crucial for the overall stability of your house. Any major renovation requires proper knowledge of the load bearing wall of the house and it can be comparatively difficult in new structures. So, if you are planning its removal then you should fully prepared as well as educated for the job.

  1. Finding a Loading Bearing Wall

First of all you have to identify that whether the wall is a load bearing wall or non-load bearing. You can use the tips stated above or even consult an expert for his advice.

  1. Prepare Scaffolding

Load bearing wall carries the weight of your house, so you have to place scaffold boards running to the height of your ceiling. Place these on either sides of the involved wall before starting with removal procedure.

  1. Analyze Roof or Joint Condition

If there are signs of springing of the roof then make sure to arrange props for the wall and you also need to lift the floorboards to a comfortable height.

  1. Start Demolition from Top

While working on a load bearing wall, one need to start working right from the top of the wall. Use a club hammer for hacking off the plaster from the wall.

Clear the plaster, so you can see the underlying brickwork and then use a bolster for cutting out the brickwork in front of you.

  1. Replace With a Permanent Header

Keep in mind that in case you are removing a load bearing wall, then replace it with a permanent header that can bear the weight supported by the wall at the first place.

Next step is to install a beam at the same place so that the building does not lose its strength.

If there are any holes or gaps in the place from where the load bearing wall was removed, fill it with mortar or pieces of slate left over.

  1. Setting Period

Keep the structure as it is for at least 2 days and then remove the additional items placed along the beam. This is the best way for handling an operation involving load bearing wall.


A load bearing wall can accommodate to a new design and building the construction and interiors by professionals. A load bearing wall removal cost will thus estimate about the whole project and then you can compare among the contractors to find which one to choose.


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