Decorative Perforated Metal Panels Materials 2022

What is a Perforated panel?

Perforated metal panels, also known as punch panels, are decorative panels with holes punched through them. Perforated panels first appeared to use as filters for ore sorting. Designers discovered the potential of this material in terms of shape, and through ingenious design, created rich, novel architectural forms by manipulating the texture of the holes and the shape of the panels. Perforated panels are gradually being widely used in the design of architecture, landscape, interior and other spaces.

There is a kind of façade material, both light and air permeable, but also shade from the sun, can be simple and neat, but also in the details of the texture contains infinite changes, and can be used to show industrial style, technology, but also can be transformed into a fashion circle, show the art model, and mature technology, fair price, stable quality, it is the celebrity of building materials – perforated metal panels.

Perforated Metal Panels

Dongfu perforated manufacturing company has made a brief introduction to the perforated plate, let’s learn more about it.

Types of perforated panels

Perforated Materials

Perforated panels can be divided into aluminum panels, stainless steel panels, copper panels, fiber cement panels, etc. According to the different materials used.

Aluminum sheet is characterized by its light weight and high strength, lower cost, and can be processed into many different color textures.

Steel plate includes stainless steel plate and weathering steel plate, etc. Stainless steel plate after plating treatment, bright and neat, the sense of technology is bursting. And weathering steel plate is another net material, with a variety of rust levels to choose from, highly expressive.

Copper plate has a noble, elegant and unique texture, especially the bronze plate formed by oxidation adds a taste of history.

High-quality fiber cement panels are an emerging decorative material with a plain texture, different from the light and shiny metal panels, and distinctive.

Different Perforated Metal Panels

Hole Types

If differentiated according to the form of openings, perforated panels can also be divided into types such as uniform openings, gradients and patterns.

The uniform open-hole plate is the easiest to prepare and can be made with round holes, triangular holes, square holes, polygonal holes, elliptical holes, etc. The layout of open holes can be classified as orthogonal, oblique, etc.

Types of Perforated Metal Panels

Gradient and patterned perforated panels In today’s highly developed CNC machining technology, it has become very convenient to draw patterns on perforated panels through changes in aperture and hole position, and more and more projects are adopting patterned perforated panels as the skin of the building, using the entire building surface as a canvas to freely carve, and the expressive power of perforated panels is fully brought into play.

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Perforated Metal Panels Applications

The material characteristics of perforated metal panels make them rich in expressiveness and meet people’s various needs for usage effects. The specific application scenes are building exterior skin, building interior and landscape; especially in the application of building exterior skin, the performance of perforated metal panels is given full play, and through the joint efforts of design, production and construction parties, the relevant application technology is becoming more and more mature.

Perforated Metal Panels Design

Perforated metal panels are used in multi-story and high-rise buildings, such as residential, garages, offices, and cultural buildings.

Using perforated metal panels, forming the outer skin of the building, the main application parts: external walls can not be opened, external walls can be opened, roofs, balconies, and sunshades.

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