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Watching new movies on the big screen and popcorn is just awesome. It is a way to unwind and enjoy the film. However, movies at the theater plus popcorn and a drink are costly. There are so many great movies that come out that you just want to see. But since that would cost you a lot of money if you were to see all that, so you end up just watching at least one new movie a month. It is a bummer, to not be able to be updated on movies. However, no need to worry because your own theater can sit right in your home because we are going to cover the topic of designing a home theater room on a budget.

QUICK TIP! Home Theater Room Dimensions | Home Theater Room Size

The minimum home theater room dimensions should be 16 feet by 22 feet.

The ideal home theater room dimensions should be 25 feet by 45 feet

Steps For Designing A Home Theater Room

Home theater sounds and looks expensive to build and set in your home, but you can actually have an impressive home theater on a budget. With the right planning and choice of components, you will be able to create a home theater that will suit your lifestyle and budget.

First, choose a place in your home where you want the theater to be set up. A basement is a great place for a home theater. Before you start with this project, make sure that you already have a plan on how you want the room to look and the kind of components that you want in there.

Secondly, get the room ready by cleaning and emptying the room, leaving only what needs to be there. Make sure that the room you chose to have set the theater in has great noise insulation so that you boost up the surround system without the noise bothering others. Check out the windows and see what you can do to make the room darker. Close the blinds if any and choose curtains that are thick and dark in colors and close them when the movie is staring.

Quick Idea! Home Theater Room Cost Rough Estimate

Your own designing a home theater room can cost you as low as 500$ and goes up to 50,000$ but an average home theater room can easily be built in 5000$ to 8000$

Third, install lighting that creates a dramatic dim effect in the room. Since you are working on a budget, furnish the room in a simple, but creates a comfy theater effect.

Fourth, choose leather furniture or microfiber sectionals with a lounge chair. Sectional sofas that have recliners attached to them will also work great. A simple dark leather sofa with a matching recliner will be perfect. To save someone, you can simply have a comfy couch, and a few beanbags your kids and friends can sit on. If you have an extra budget, there are leather or microfiber sofas that are made fro home theaters because each section has an armrest and a place where you can put popcorn and your soda.

Fifth, Before purchasing television or projector components, check out and research on all electronic stores to compare prices. Choose the right television size that will fit perfectly on how much room or space you have in the room. LCDs and plasma television in your home theater will work and save you money, but if you want to advance more, you can purchase a video projector to get a more theater feel. To advance some more, there are rear projection big flat-screen TV or a plasma display based system you can choose from. For better sound effect, purchase a surround system speaker. There are high-quality speakers that will suit your budget as long as your canvas first. If there is enough budget, invest in getting your speakers customized and built-in where they are supposed to be.

Sixth, Accessorize the room by adding posters of your favorite movie or movie artist inside a poster frame. Find art displays that portray theater such as film reels, popcorn, video camera and other that will really make the room look like a theater.  It does not matter whether or not your home theater looks luxurious and expensive, what matter is that you and your family enjoy watching the movies you want without having to pay so much. Not only will you get to bond with your family and friends, but you can also enjoy having unlimited popcorn and drinks.

So, designing a home theater room is not as tricky as it seems. Little planning with proper designing helps to achieve the perfect home theater room at home.

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