Electric Fireplace for apartment

When homeowners are searching for the perfect residence for their families, many look at the living room area. A electric fireplace for apartment can completely transform a living room. The living room is not the only place in the house to have a fireplace; some people have fireplaces in the family room, kitchen, bedroom, and even Outdoor Fireplaces. Although fireplaces are usually common in single-family houses and are not a reliable option for an apartment, but electric fireplaces have transformed this thought.

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Electric fireplaces for apartment offer all the warmth, charm, and cosiness of wood fires along with some great benefits. They are a safer and easier fireplace alternative for people who love to have one in their apartment as there is no real flame, and no chimney or venting is required. These stylish and efficient appliances create a focal point for your living room without any of the hassles of installation and fuss of operation that other fuels demand.


There are lots of manufacturers that design fireplaces and the appropriate fireplace parts. As a homeowner, you may select from a variety of corner fireplaces just according to your apartment size and to fit the décor of your home For example, if you are lacking wall space in your room, then a corner fireplace is for you. Some explicit types of fireplaces are specifically designed for apartments such as Bioethanol Fireplaces, Gel fireplaces, and water vapor fireplaces, among them Electric fireplace is the most common and easy to install.

Benefits of using an Electric Fireplace

  1. Easy to install

They have no external fire; hence they don’t need a chimney or any additional building work. They are just plugged into a power source to give you the desired heat and extravagant ambiance of a fireplace.

  1. Safe and secure

There is no production of combustible gases or flames. It is the safest option or fireplace to be used in an apartment and has no risk of carbon mono oxide production. Electric fireplaces for small apartments don’t just trick you visually they also provide more heat output than even most real fireplaces. Since there is no venting of smoke and fumes 100% of the heat generated will stay in the room

  1. Compact and space efficient

They are the most compact form of Fireplace which is ideal for apartments. It can also be installed in small rooms just to lift the entire ambiance of a room or lounge. You can also have an inset electric fire just by putting in a little extra effort. It doesn’t occupy additional floor space letting you maximize your space while introducing a fascinating centrepiece for your living area.

  1. Easy to maintain

Probably the best thing about the best electric fireplace for apartment is that it doesn’t need frequent clean-up of the ash and debris left behind when you burn wood logs and starter material for a real fire. It also saves you from the hassle of carrying wood into your house daily to keep up with the cold weather. You simply flip a switch, and your electric fireplace start working. The most work you may have to do is change a light bulb occasionally.

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Safety measures for using an Electric Fireplace in an apartment

  1. Keep the cross-ventilation going on

A small apartment can be heated easily, and it can also make people suffocated. Therefore, before installing an electric fireplace you must not block the fresh air intake of the apartment.

  1. Avoid contact with combustible objects

It can be hot on all sides. To avoid burning and other possible dangers, keep all the combustible objects far enough from the fireplace units. Also, keep your kids away from it, and use a mesh screen to cover the fireplace.

  1. Check on the cord

Keep a good check on the cord of the fireplace, and instantly replace it if you find any damage in the plug or cord.

  1. Never leave it unattended

Burning a fire can be dangerous, no matter if it is a real one or an electric one. Never leave the fireplace unattended as it can cause you serious damage unconsciously.

Will it look nice in an apartment?

The apartment has fewer square feet than a single-family home and it has smaller space to accommodate a nice and contemporary fireplace. But electric fireplaces for apartments come in all sizes to fit in all sizes of rooms and corners. Choosing the right size of fireplace can surely enhance the look of your apartment and will eventually become the focal point of the lounge that everybody will love and admire. If it is a permanent fixture, then it will also enhance the value of your apartment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can you have an electric fireplace in your apartment?

Among all the fireplaces, electric fireplaces are best for apartments. Say that they are specifically designed for people who live in a small apartment but love the feel and look of a fireplace in their house. They don’t demand any building work or any chimney, just find a suitable place, fix an electric fireplace, plug it in, and enjoy.

Electric Fireplace for apartment

  1. Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

No, they don’t need a lot of electricity. An electric fireplace uses the same amount of electricity as an average room heater. An apartment needs a small size of electric fireplace that usually consume 120 volts of electricity. They make 100% of their energy, which makes it a completely energy-efficient solution.

  1. Can you install a fireplace in an apartment?


Yes you can install a fireplace in an apartment to bring an extravagant ambiance of fire into your small living room of an apartment, an electric fireplace is the best choice. It makes it even more warm and inviting and doesn’t produce any combustible gases. Hence it reduces the risks of carbon mono oxide gases which makes it a safe option for apartments.

  1. How do you fake a fireplace in an apartment?

A fireplace can be faked in your apartment, but it will only bring the desirable ambiance, not the natural warmth of the real fireplace. You can easily fake a fireplace in your apartment with just some DIY work.

  • Use geometric tilework and give a crisp and sharp look to a fake fireplace.
  • Paint the wall and mantel with the same color and a burning fire art inside the faux fireplace.
  • Add in some wood logs and wrap chili lights around it to fake a fireplace.

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