The Top 5 Most Popular Gate Designs in Pakistan

Most Popular Gate Designs in Pakistan

Main gates are one of the first things someone notices in your house. It is one of the essential parts of a house that secures it from invaders and increases its beauty. That’s why it should be unique and attractive and stand apart from its surroundings.

In Pakistan, front gates are like charmers for the house as they also serve their purpose of determining your boundaries. You feel safe and comfortable when you are secure. Along with it, gates also have a key role in protecting your house and interior from bad weather conditions.

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So there is no need to say that the main gate has many important functionalities that must be addressed. Having a gate is about more than beauty or security, as they go hand in hand. If you are looking for some unique gate designs in Pakistan, this blog post is for you. Let’s talk more about the front gate designs in Pakistan.

Most Popular Gate Designs in Pakistan

In Pakistan, front gates can be of four different styles. These may include swing, automated, slide, and folding gates. Here are some of the most commonly used gate designs.

1- Swing Gate

Swing gate designs, also known as the main iron gate, are one of the most common and popular designs. Most people prefer them because of their durability. In addition, these gates are significantly better for facing harsh weather conditions and other problems as they remain intact.

Swing main gate

Along with iron, they are also used with steel or wooden gate materials side by side. However, they are generally made with double door design because they are easy to handle.

2- Sliding Front Gate

This main gate design is also very famous. Mostly it is used in big entrances because it is difficult to use double doors or swing gates as they may look weird and are hard to move.

Sliding main gates are called telescopic sliding gates because several small partitions close one by one when you close their adjacent main gate. One of the perks of sliding gates is that they can also be hidden in the walls perfectly. In this way, you have the maximum area available for your entrance.

3- Automatic Gate

The automatic main gate is one of the luxurious types of front gates. These gate designs greatly assist you with different security measures. In addition, they open up for you to pass by with their detection functionality.

These gate designs give your house or building a classy and modern look. However, they can be expensive compared to other gates, but they are worth it because they help you with anti-theft security and make you feel

4- Folding Main Gate

These main gate designs are futuristic main gates. They open up in 4 folds and stretch to the sides of the wall. Folding gates give a cool and futuristic vibe to your house.

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Additionally, they are very helpful too. You do not have to open them completely, as you can open them in enough areas you want. They give your place a modern yet simple and unique look.

What are some of the luxurious gate designs found in Pakistan?

Following are some of the gate designs that may be considered luxurious in Pakistan:

⦁ Vertical Pipe Gate

These designs are the unique gate designs for your home. This design is perfect if you want your home to stand out. It offers you a sturdy look and serves you by adding structure to the home’s overall look.

⦁ White Wood Gate

A white wood gate could be a truly aesthetic choice. It is a great choice for your farmhouses or larger houses with a wide front yard. However, it’s the best option if you prefer a solid tone.

⦁ Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought iron gates are widely used gate designs in Pakistan. They offer you a sleek and minimal look for your house. Moreover, wrought iron, a common material, makes them highly affordable. Therefore, this design is perfect for you if you want an aesthetic one.

⦁ Wood and Stone Gate

These gates are made from two materials and are famous for their aesthetic and unique vibe. Wood and stone gates can add an earthy feel to your house. They are the top choice for those who prefer a minimalist design.


The front gate design in Pakistan sets the tone for your home, as they create the first impression on visitors. So it’s important to ensure that your gate design goes well with your house’s aesthetic design. You can get an idea from the above-discussed gate designs and then choose according to your choice.

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