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Cover Letter Writing Tips – How To Write A Perfect Cover Letter For Your Job

In this article, you will learn some amazing cover letter writing tips that actually get you noticed. Don’t neglect the importance of cover letter while submitting an application for your dream job.

Here are some cover letter writing tips for your resume that will get you a job:

  1. Never send a resume without a cover letter.
  2. Do some research about the company first and incorporate the knowledge into the letter.
  3. Personalize each letter and address each employer by name and title. Call the company’s front desk if necessary.
  4. Avoid using generic salutations like “To whom it may concern”, “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” if possible.


* Quote the source of the advertisement and the date on which it was published. If you’re applying for the job through referral, mention the individual who provided you the job information.

* Keep your cover letter short, but right to the point. List your main qualifications and accomplishments.

* Use keywords related to the target job.

* Include your contact information (phone number, email address, etc) in the letter.

* Proofread your cover letter and make sure it’s an error before you send it out.

* Always send your cover letter to the decision-maker (the hiring manager) if possible.


* Make a copy of each cover letter for future reference, you may want to follow up later.

* Always, summarize your qualifications and experience in your cover letter.

* Golden Tip! Try to incorporate knowledge about your key skills that will be beneficial to the company.

* Make your cover letter precise, not more than a page.

These are some key guidelines that will surely stand out among the long queue of job applications. So, always submit a cover letter along with your professional design resume to get noticed among thousands of job applicant instantly.

Here are some excellent cover letter samples for your inspiration:

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