Easy & DIY Home Décor with Metal Chain Curtain

As the world is emerging so rapidly and many things have changed a lot. Old days are gone when everything was so simple; today, beauty standards have taken a high place in society. Everything is judged based on its appearance and beauty. This has led to many advancements in the field of interior and exterior designing. Various decorative materials are available these days, which enhances the beauty and makes every place eye-catching and one such material is metal chain curtain.

Metal Chain Curtain – New Design Trend

There are different types of materials manufactured these days by designers to make a place beautiful and attractive. One of the newest trends in interior design is the use of long aluminum chain link curtains. These curtains are also known as chain fly screens or metal chain curtains. They look so beautiful and luxurious and are used in exterior and interior designing.

These chains are composed of aluminum and are available in various colors. It has an elegant look and is used for various residential and commercial purposes. These chains are available in the following sizes

  • 1.6x24x12mm
  • 2x24x12mm
  • 1.6x33x12mm
  • 2x33x12mm

Metal Chain Curtain Manufacturing

The chains’ surface is treated with anodic oxidation and has a coating of 8.5-12 microns. It has an opacity of 40%-60%. The length and the width of these chains can be customized according to the requirements. You can also choose the color you need according to your likings.

Metal Chain Curtain Supplier

There are various metal chain curtain manufacturers available in the market. Still, Dong fu wire mesh is one of the top chain curtain providers. They provide unique chains that are durable and stay for a long time. The beautiful and mesmerizing chain curtains are suitable for architectural design and bring a lovely change in the décor. All of these premium-quality chains are produced in Chinese factories and are made with great care and effort. Every piece of the chain is made up of high-quality material with zero error. Later these chain pieces are connected to form curtains according to the customers’ demands.

Easy & DIY Home Décor with Metal Chain Curtains

These chain curtains are easy to hang and consist of countless hook links. Also, these curtains allow air or sunlight to pass through them and are resistant to the weather. Moreover, the anodized surface of these chains makes them resistant to corrosion and hence increase their durability. The color given to the chains hardly fades and makes it attractive and fashionable. The best thing about these chain curtains is that they can also prevent insects or flies from entering the house.

You do not have to spend a lot of time hanging these curtains because the aluminum chains are lightweight and easy to install and remove. You can easily pass through these chains because of their smooth surface, which doesn’t get stuck in your clothes or harms you. Not only do these chains help to decorate a place, but they are also used to divide the space. You can also use them to decorate walls or ceilings. Many companies or brands are using these chains to present their logo. Hence, these chains have become an essential element of modern design.


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