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How Dangerous Is Mold And Why Professional Removal Is A Must?

It could seem at every turn; there is something to panic over. Well, unless you are the calm, cool, and collected type. That isn’t everyone, though. As a homeowner, you might be troubled by your roofing shingles that look suspiciously older than you remember. You could be concerned that you haven’t cleaned out the gutters in forever in a day. But contaminants inside the home—well, that is a different beast altogether.

Inside any home should be a safe environment for all who live inside. This means you are free from anything that could harm you. Unfortunately, most homes aren’t 100% without problems. Mold is one of the leading issues found inside homes in the Nashville area. This is largely in part due to the climate. Anytime there is moisture and favorable conditions for mold to grow, it can quickly get out of hand. In this article, we explore the dangers of mold. We also review why it is of the utmost importance that you choose a professional for mold remediation.

The Importance of Professional Mold Removal

If you found mold in your home, what would you do? Would you try to clean it up with some bleach? This is something many homeowners do in an attempt to save a few pennies and resolve a potential health hazard. But we caution against attempting mold removal on your own. There are many things that can go wrong, including making you sick. Given the potential risks associated with mold, it’s crucial to prioritize professional mold removal.

Mold exposure can lead to health risks like fatigue, chronic sickness, a lower immune system, and more. Though it may not seem fatal, mold exposure can lead to a significant decrease in your quality of life. A lower immune system could put you at risk for certain diseases that could be severe. Check out our top reasons for choosing a professional to get rid of mold quickly.

Expertise and Knowledge

When you hire a professional, you expect them to have a certain level of knowledge that you don’t possess. Mold removal professionals possess the expertise, knowledge, and experience required to effectively identify and eliminate mold growth. This is truly what sets them apart from other professionals. Won’t take them many moments to look over water damage and determine that mold is an issue that needs to be resolved. They understand the different types of mold, their specific characteristics, and the most appropriate remediation techniques for each situation.

Thorough Inspection

Would you know what you’re looking at when conducting a mold inspection? Do you know the difference between all the mold variations? Most people don’t. In fact, most professionals will need a lab to determine what type of mold is actually present. True, black mold is quite easy to identify based on its color, but there are other types of mold that could be present.

Professional mold remediators will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the extent of the mold problem. They will assess the source of moisture that is fueling mold growth, ensuring that it is addressed to prevent future outbreaks.

Safe Handling and Disposal

Getting rid of mold is only the beginning of the job for a mold remediation company. They will also need to safely dispose of it. Mold removal experts follow strict safety procedures to protect themselves and the occupants of the home during the remediation process. They employ personal protective equipment, like suits and eyewear. Specialists will ensure proper containment and disposal of mold-infested materials, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Proper Containment and Removal

When working around mold, there are certain guidelines one must follow. Professionals utilize industry-standard protocols to contain the affected areas and prevent the spread of mold spores during the removal process. Oftentimes these guidelines are put in place by agencies like the EPA. This is to prevent contamination and individuals from getting sick from mold exposure. They have access to specialized equipment, such as HEPA filters and negative air machines, which effectively capture and remove airborne mold particles. If you are unsure of the protocols or don’t have the equipment necessary to remove mold safely, it could be more dangerous.

Preventing Recurrence

The final stage of the process is preventing mold from returning. Professional mold remediators not only eliminate existing mold but also provide recommendations and solutions to prevent future mold growth. They can advise on moisture control, ventilation improvements, and other preventive measures to ensure a mold-free environment in the long term. All of these tips and tricks are critical to combat mold from returning. Whether that is to include a sump pump in your basement, a dehumidifier, or be on the lookout for water leaks, all can be incredibly informative.

Peace of Mind and Time-Saving

There is one reason all homeowners should consider an IICRC-certified pro for mold issues. Opting for professional mold removal provides homeowners with peace of mind and saves valuable time. If you’re limited on time and have no more patience for problems, a professional solving the mold problem is likely your best bet for peace of mind. Depending on the extent of the mold problem, it could take the professionals quite a while to contain the problem. If you don’t have days to waste on mold removal and sanitation, hiring a professional is the best choice.

Final Thoughts

The dangers of mold should not be underestimated, as it poses risks to both your home and your health. Choosing professional mold removal is a tactful decision that prioritizes safety. It can also guarantee the effective eradication of all mold in your home. With their expertise, professionals quickly remove the hassle of dealing with a hazardous task like black mold. If you discover mold in your home, no matter how big or small the problem might be, we recommend contacting your area mold removal specialist for identification and remediation solutions.

Nashville residents trust Blue Chip Restoration for disaster cleanup and mold removal. They have a team of professionals that are licensed, insured, and possess IICRC certification. Capable of tackling even the worst mold problems, area homeowners are in great hands when selecting their team for services.

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