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How to Buy a Bank Foreclosed Home In 03 Simple Steps

How to buy a bank foreclosed home? Are you the one searching for this piece of cake, then you hit a bull’s eye as this article is all about buying a foreclosed home in your state. Prior to revealing in-depth information of tales and concerns either buying a foreclosed home or not. First, you must have understood what is the process of home foreclosure and how it works.

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What is the process of Home foreclosure?

The process of foreclosure starts when a debtor unable to pays bank or mortgage company dues as committed. In this way, the investor starts proceeding to overtake the property for settlement of dues legally after the expiry of the issued notice period. Hence, in such case debtor loses all rights to his property and all of the expenditure they have put into it.

Why people are looking for foreclosed properties for sale?

The process of buying foreclosed homes helps to save a significant amount of money as compared to regular houses on sale. On average, you can save up to 27% while buying a foreclosed home but make sure this process is not to rush for. Investing in a property is a lifetime decision and everybody searching for a perfect deal to save some bucks as of paying lesser amount than market price.

Still, want to learn about how to buy a foreclosed home? Then stick with this article!!!

Learn How to Buy a Bank Foreclosed Home in 03 Simple Steps

  1. Find the leads of Pre-Foreclosure

During the debtor notice period prior to starting foreclosure of the property, the debtor tries to sell the property for dues settlement rather than handing over to lender as per the agreement for unpaid debt. In this way, a debtor can reduce the risk of ugly credit score associated with banks.

You as a buyer/investor can find the leads of foreclosures home on the property listing portals and make real savings. There are several authentic foreclosure homes listing sources on which you can search for “how to buy a foreclosed home” such as:

    1. Local state newspaper
    2. Attorneys
    3. Referrals from real estate agents
  1. Document needed for Pre-approval of a foreclosed home

Before purchasing a foreclosed home, you should have arranged pre-approval letter to get complete knowledge of down payments, expiry letter, interest rate & other necessary items to play safe.

Arrange the following documents to acquire pre-approval letter:

    1. Driving License
    2. Bank Credit Score
    3. Tax return certificates
    4. 3 months bank statement
    5. Your salary slips & earnings
    6. Passport size pictures

In this way, you can invest your money in a foreclosed home and flipped later and earn your profit.

  1. After the closure of what to do next for buying a bank foreclosed home

Finally, this is the steps where you become the owner of a foreclosed home after such hectic searches & negotiations. It’s the time, you need to know certain things to transfer the property completely on your name such as:

    1. Change all the locks by hiring a professional locksmith.
    2. Submit an application to the utility department and transfer all the bills on your name.
    3. Prepare a repair and maintenance checklist and start right away by hiring a petty contractor.
    4. Finally, advertise your property on listings for rent or sell.


Investing in buying a bank foreclosed home could be a real piece of cake because it helps you save a lot. Make sure, you don’t neglect the minor home repairs because it will cost you some extra bucks. So, just keep trying to flip the foreclosed property by searching well.


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