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Intice Laser Level

Construction workers have relied on boxed levels or plumb lines for alignment and leveling purposes for centuries. Although the tools are helpful, they don’t free up the worker’s hand, so additional individuals are required for tasks.

But, after the release of the Intice laser level, you can safely throw away those alignment tools for a more versatile and hands-free construction experience.

The Intice laser level throws a beam of laser that’s plumb and level. This tool provides freedom and makes doing jobs like fixing tiles, masonry, and carpentry extremely easy. Keep reading to know more about the Intice laser level.

What is Intice Intelligent Laser Level

The Intice intelligent Laser level is an instrument consisting of an LED diode that emits a laser beam. The laser is an ultrathin, multi-amplified, and focused ray of green-colored light. It enables precision and can be displayed over 30 to 50 meters of area. In short, the Intice laser level is a modern-day ruler that makes the life of carpenters, mechanics, and artisans easy.

As it’s a machine, it minimizes human error and faults in the alignment of different things like tiles, furniture, etc. Therefore, Intice laser level is here to stay!

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Features of Intice Laser Level

The Intice Laser level is rapidly selling on Amazon, thanks to the bunch of features it offers. The Intice laser level is here to stay from hands-free usage to high accuracy and low chances of error. So, what makes this leveling instrument so great?

Track us below to learn about its features!

  1. Specifications

The Intice laser level has impressive specifications, enough for most uses. It is why the instrument is almost sold out on Amazon. Now, who wouldn’t love an accurate, durable, powerful laser level in a compact size? Apart from its design and weight, the features packed in the device make it the perfect choice for any leveling or alignment tasks.

Here are the specifications the laser leveler offer:

  • The laser wavelength is between 505-660 nm
  • It offers an accuracy of ±1/16in / 30ft
  • The laser beam is of green color
  • The leveling range is around ±3°
  • It supports a working distance of 65 ft and has a remote range of 60 ft
  • The laser requires a power supply of 12V 2.0 Ah
  • Two leveling types are Self-leveling and oblique leveling
  • The mount size is 1/4 in & 5/8 in.
  1. How to Use It?

Using the Intice laser level is easy and quick. It will help you align, and level tasks as your hands remain free for the significant work.

Follow these three steps to set it up and start enjoying the device:

  1. How to Mount it?

The first step is to mount the intice laser level on the tripod. Use the ¼ inch provided fitting. You can then do the adjustments and placements.

  1. Turn it on

Once you’ve set the laser on the tripod, turn the laser on. Immediately the laser beams will create a level line. You can then make additional adjustments to align the levels on the marked spot.

  1. Get to Work

The level line will mark the alignments as you work. You can then get to work on the actual task.

  1. Durability

More than anything, the Intice laser level is durable and robust. There’s no way people will be willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a tool that breaks down often. First, the inctice laser level is dust, and AP54 is waterproof technology, so you can use it in any environment without worries. Second, it’s also shockproof to handle any mishaps or falls.

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Also, the instrument can be operated in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees. Additionally, it is chargeable, so you don’t have to worry about a constant energy supply to use it. The Lithium-Ion Battery easily supports around 10 hours of working time.

All these features make it perfect for construction sites and other working sites. The 1-year warranty is a bonus.

How is it Different?

There are many laser levels in the market, so what makes Intice laser levels different than the rest? The instrument is equipped with 4D 360° lasers, allowing it to reflect beams at any angle. This makes the job easy, and single work can complete a task that would otherwise require two individuals.

Who is it For?

The Intice laser level is a versatile layout instrument that almost everyone can use.

  • People can use it to hang frames.
  • DIY enthusiasts can take its help for their mini-construction projects
  • Site workers can use it for alignment and leveling
  • Mechanical and electrical contractors can take its help with tasks
  • Carpenters can use it for making furniture etc

Intice Laser Level Review

Intice Laser Level Review

There are tons of Intice laser-level reviews on their official site. According to the majority, the tool is versatile, easy to use, and packs amazing features at a lesser price point. One of the major benefits of Intice laser level is any layman or rookie can use it without going through tutorials and tons of instructions. The users increasingly highlight its ease of love.

“Easy setup, easy to use, and ready for use right out of the box.” Says Ivan H., one of the reviewers. You can go to Intice’s official website to view more reviews and see the live pictures people have posted of the tool. It’ll explain why the compact instrument is so popular and loved.


Here are some common Intice laser level FAQs.

Is Intice laser level any good?

The entice laser level is the solution to all your leveling needs. Whether you’re a DIYer or love remodeling your house, this tool will help you in the perfect alignment. Entice laser level removes the risk of human error and calculation mishaps, saving time, energy, and material. So, yes, it is the best alternative to other manual leveling instruments.

Which is the best laser level?

According to different reviews, various good laser levels are on the market. To make your search easier, we list some high-rated laser levels below. All these are amazing, and the list is randomly created, which means number 1 is not better than no.2 and so on.

  • Huepar 3D Laser Level Cross Line
  • Bosch Self-Leveling Laser Level
  • Cigman 3×360° Green Laser Level

What is the use of a laser leveler?

A laser leveler is a hands-free tool used in the construction and surveying industries. It helps in leveling and alignment. The tool projects a beam of light onto the surface. Besides, it acts as a visual chalk line for accurate alignments and leveling.

How accurate is a laser level?

The tool’s accuracy is around 1/16th of an inch per 100 feet. On the other hand, a spirit level has an accuracy of just 1/2 inch per 100 feet. So, in comparison, the laser level is ten times more accurate and almost precise enough for every requirement. This is the hallmark of nearly every laser level.


A laser leveler is a perfect substitute for traditional leveling and alignment tools. Also, it can be used in almost any situation, whether just hanging a painting or constructing a building. Its wide usability is what makes intice laser level a mass favorite. This is a perfect tool for all the dedicated DIY-ers to simplify your life.

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