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Kids Bedroom Color Ideas – Best Color Selection For Boys & Girls Bedroom

Kids bedroom color ideas can pose a challenge for the parents as they have to choose the right shade that they like and enjoy. It should reflect their mood and the world they are growing up in and there are a lot of ideas that you can put to use that are fun and have space for remodeling. Kid’s bedroom color ideas are certain themes that represent their minds and make them feel great. Primarily, kids require as much space and themes adults require in their bedrooms.


How To Make A Perfect Selection For Kid’s Bedroom Color Ideas

Small touches and ideas work in a great many ways for kids as they grow up. Pink is always a favorite and can be used for walls and tassels. Slipcovers on chairs and ottomans are best done in pink for kid’s bedrooms. It is not only practical for a nursery but very soothing as well. Parents can let their creativity loose while selecting color schemes. They can go on a mental rewind and think about their days as kids and the kind of preferences they had. Some themes may have changed over the ages, but kids have a particular affinity to certain colors.

Usually, kids bedroom color ideas center around the need for durability as well as the right pick of simple shades. Brains are tender and can’t figure out complex shades. As the kids grow, change the color shades to make them look fresh always. Floor and wall patterns should trigger the adventurous streak in kid boys and fairy themes should be highlighted and chosen for kids bedroom color ideas. If they are a bit grown up, the best way to go about implementing color ideas would take them on in the planning stage as it would be fun sharing ideas and getting a peek into their world.

Color ideas need to match the walls with the chests and furniture. A yellow nursery feels warm and sunny and complements well with similar tones on the walls, the crib made of dark wood and the white colored furniture. Lamps should also blend with the mood of the kid’s bedroom. For the little girl, bedroom color ideas match the swooping curtains, dressing table and chairs. It should exude a sense of space and be vibrant with energy as energy levels are high among them.

Kid’s Bedroom Color Ideas For Boys & Girls

  • Boys Bedroom Color Ideas – How To Optimize

Optimizing bedroom painting ideas is one of easy trick to transform your teen boy’s bedroom from a regular room to become a favorite room stay. You should have a smart and extraordinary ideas to capture their interest and attentions. These bedroom painting ideas are especially for your teen boy’s bedroom:

  • Choose Mural painting

Ask them which theme are they interested, you will find it fun and joy to have a discussion with your kid. Ask them also to join you in the painting process. Car, Bike or sports themes are usually chosen. Or if your kids like MANGA, robot or even super hero themes; it sure not become a problem. There are lots of stores that provide mural’s kits for any different themes. You can buy those kits online.

  • Choose a solid color for Kids bedroom color ideas

If your kids don’t like a mural painting, a solid color might become the alternative. Combine this solid color with other colors as a compliment. Match this solid color with the furniture or toys available inside the room. A perfect combination between the furniture, toys and wall color will transform your kid’s bedroom become a favorite room stay.

  • Choose a wallpaper

Using wallpaper is an inexpensive option and also a less creative one. But, as long as you can match this wallpaper with the furniture and toys – surely it will create a great bedroom. Ask the kids, which wallpaper they like to. Give them advice if you think the wallpaper does not create a good combination with other stuff inside the room. You can experiement with peel and stick wallpaper as well to see which combinations will go better with the overall theme of the room.

Girls Bedroom Color Ideas

Girls bedroom color ideas cannot be without the three colors, lavender, yellow and pink. They have their own world and while doing up their bedrooms you should bring in the mood they love and the feel they enjoy as much as you can. There are many typical themes that you can bring in as they grow up, but fairies, butterflies or flowers are very common as they all love them during their growing up age.

While toying with girl’s bedroom color ideas, you should preferably take them along in the deciding process to make them feel more involved. You can also get a peek into their preferred theme choices and the colors they love.

  • Pink Shade With Some Floral Patterns

The little girl may have a favorite flower or a particular type of butterfly that she may want in the bedroom. She could also be fond of a particular color or may want a theme from her studies that she has started at school. But she could also have ideas that may not match your own kids’ bedroom color ideas. You can then use her favorite colors as shades or borders on the walls, or the use of similar colored fabrics as borders.

You can use her favorite colors as accents on furniture, walls, windows and furnishing. If she is fond of a particular flower, you can get it printed on the sheet of her bed or make the cushions and pillow covers to look filled with her favorite flower.

  • Coloring should compliment bedroom furniture

While settling for girl’s bedroom color ideas, the bedding, the walls, furnishing and accents should complement one another. There should be a matching of colors and all of them should be to her liking. If you are going for a floral theme like daisies that she may love, take care to get the bedding set done with it as well as on the extra pillows and pillow covers.

  • Attractive Decals, Wallpapers & Murals

Decals should cling to the windows, photos and lampshades should reflect her choice and the window blinds should have daisies and any other favorite flowers she loves. The design should be in tune with her favorite choices of flowers or butterflies. You must bear in mind that it may take a while for you to find the perfect set of blinds or other items straightaway, especially if you’re sticking with a particular theme. So, finding something in the meantime could be important, and that’s where companies like Smart Blinds could be useful. They offer a wide array of beautiful blinds and shutters that will be made to measure to your designated space, and with the options of different colors, you’re bound to find something that fits in with flowers or butterflies before finding a permanent option. For little girls, the bedroom color ideas should bring in an airy and light feel while the furnishing should have the same theme embedded as much as possible to blend with the room. Have a nice decor for girl’s bedroom color ideas


There are a lot of possibilities to choose perfect painting ideas for your boy’s bedroom. If you feel confused and hard to find the best painting ideas – you can hire a professional to do that activity. Yup, it cost a little bit expensive. But they will give you a good time and a perfect bedroom painting for your boy’s room. Don’t forget to discuss with your kids to find what theme or color they like to apply to their bedroom.


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