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How to Care For A Magnolia Tree – Complete Magnolia Tree Care Guide

Learn Easy Magnolia Tree Care Guide?

The Magnolia tree is included among the most popular tress in the United States, Canada, Australia and some parts of the United Kingdom. Being a magnolia tree lover, it’s our responsibility to guide and teach easy magnolia tree care tips and technique.

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Quick Information About Magnolia Tree
Tree / Plant Name: Magnolia Tree
Average Tree Height: 15 – 50 Feet
Best Soil For Magnolia Rich in nutrients and cool
Environment Exposure: Full expose to sun
Best Time To Grow: Spring
Buy Best Type of Magnolia tree: Saucer Magnolia
Common Diseases: Bacterial or fungal spot

It is advisable to grow this in spring, where everything is in a good abloom. The magnolia tree can create a very good environment with its white blossom in early spring. Keep reading this article to explore an in-depth review of magnolia tree care.

Things To Consider While Planting Magnolia

You may have to consider a lot before planting it. Of course, it is very important to have a self-research on the things that you have to know about magnolias to have your own magnolia tree. Always consider below important points before planting this amazing tree:

  • The best season to grow a magnolia tree is, spring.
  • So try to row your seeds at the beginning of fall for proper root development.
  • As mentioned above, this plant grows up to 15 to 50 feet due to which you need to plan earlier while planting for enough spacing.
  • Choose a space that has a normal temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.
  • Watering the plant on a regular basis.
  • During the threat of heatwaves, you need to water the plant excessively.

Golden Tip : In order to save your plant from weed growth, try using the mulch as the base.

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Steps For Magnolia Tree Care

This article will be coping with the basic steps on how we are able to grow magnolias in our own simple way. You don’t have to be a good agriculturist or anything related to it to develop trees. Magnolias might be delicate trees and shrubs, but they can be easily cared with.

  1. Choosing The Best Possible Location

The first step is to give the magnolia a reasonable chance of survival. We have to make sure that all of us choose the magnolia species that will best suit or even location. Remember that there are high breeds of magnolia that can be grown under a specified climate.

  • Choosing the best possible location
  • It should always be in open ground to permit it to grow at its full potential
  • Magnolia can grow up to 50 feet, so make sure you have enough space for it.
  • Enough presence of sun-light and air
  1. Considering Best Soil Type Which Suits Magnolia

  • Nicely, they grow best in somewhat moist but acidic kinds of soil.
  • There are some hybrid types that require different types of soil, but most of them settle with acidic soil content.
  • The mulching technique helps in making the roots moist during lack of water.

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  1. Pruning Magnolia

  • Do not forget trimming the tree.
  • To shape the growth of the limbs, you have to make sure that you cut little branches. So, it comes in proper shape when fully grown.
  • Those children should be trimmed so as not to ruin the pattern of your sapling.
  • Make it a point as well to check if there are weeds that might ruin as well as affect the growth of the sapling.
  • Pull them out as well as beautify the surrounding of the tree.
  • The best time of pruning is, winter. Or when the spring has gone.
  1. Magnolia Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases are real threats for plans and the same for a magnolia tree. Its easily infected by a spider, weeds, fungal disease, caterpillars, mealybugs and other insects. What you should do in order to save your magnolia from these species:

  • Exposure to sunlight will reduce the chances of infection.
  • Must have moist soil. A well-draining soil helps to reduce the chances of insect attack.
  • Don’t overwater magnolia tree.

These steps for how to care for a magnolia tree are only for beginners. If you have experienced, you already know the on and offs of increasing magnolia so you might have tricks that might work. However, these are the basics of growing magnolia.


Magnolia, if fully developed is very rewarding. Aside from the proven fact that it is easy to grow, it is very popular and can be grown anyplace. It just requires enough space and an ample amount of sunlight to let it bloom to its potential. These are simple steps that are beneficial for those people who wanted to try growing magnolia in their backyard.


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