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Top 10 Old House Renovation Ideas In Kerala

When someone builds a house, they take it as a lifetime asset. The possession of the house provides a glee and also an accomplishment at the end of the day. But anything special and a valuable asset deserves care with time. So does a house, which requires adequate care to live, can be pleasant and blissful. Hence, one should give a real shot to the house renovation if it is gumming up in their minds.

Caring a house is a little different process than taking care of the other assets of the house. It needs some proper planning and the best ways to make it done without any further fuss. The old houses and flats in Thrissur are mostly the ones to get renovated. Hence, here discussing some top 10 old house renovation ideas in Kerala:

10 Amazing Old House Renovation Ideas in Kerala

Making over the Front Yard:

The first and foremost suggestion in the Kerala home renovation ideas would be taking care of the façade of the front yard. The area between the starting of the main entrance of the property and the door of the building is considered the front yard. As they say, the first impression of anything lasts long, the same way it would be a pleasure for everyone visiting the house to look through the beautiful front yard. Hence, one cannot afford to forget to renovate the front yard while keeping an eye on Kerala’s old house renovation ideas.

Adding Attic Insulation To The Property:

The house’s comfort and convenience can get harmed if the attic insulation is not in perfect condition. Hence, it has become an important way in the Kerala home renovation ideas to add the attic insulation and can be performed with the needful materials in a DIY process. This process seeks a very little amount of time, and the help of a professional can also be taken.

Adding Light To The Space:

A dark space can make the mood even duller, and adding more light to the space is a well-considered way in the Kerala home renovation ideas. A detailed consideration of the required brightness of the room is important as different rooms require different shades of light. All these should be kept in mind from the courtyard to the inside rooms while renovating an old house in Kerala.

Replacing The Furnace:

A furnace is always ignored while renovating the other aspects of the house. But it is always important to maintain the furnace of the house as well. Consulting an expert is also important, and if necessary, one should also consider replacing them with a new one. Upgrading the furnace with the latest models, sounds way better and can create a much higher property valuation.

Keeping An Eye On The Plumbing:

Plumbing is considered one of the important requirements inside the house, and it should be renovated early while an old house is renovated in Kerala. The rusted, older and flakes of the metals must be removed from the plumbing framework, and installing new ones is preferably good while renovating a house. So, it becomes inevitably necessary to keep a specific glance at the plumbing framework.

Eliminating The Wooden Panels:

Taking down the wooden panels of the house and replacing them with modern solutions is considered too good in the Kerala home renovation ideas. Many houses are having old-style wooden panels attached to the walls and also somewhere on the floors. It takes a lot of maintenance and has also turned outdated. Hence, these must be replaced immediately with plastic and tiles and marbles.

Giving Importance To The Bathroom:

In these modern days, the bathrooms give equal importance as the living and the bedrooms. Hence, while renovating an old house in Kerala, it becomes important to install smart and stylish accessories and new fixtures that can help raise the house’s aesthetic value. A properly stylized, well-ventilated and clean, and clear bathroom gains much more attention nowadays. Hence, it is a must for anyone to keep in mind while renovating an old house in Kerala.

Renovating The Basement:

Like the bathroom and the furnace ones, the basement gave much importance and gets a lot of loads on and on. Hence, renovating the basement if it has shortcomings and flaws is necessary and important. Coloring or giving it a new look is also considered within this, and complete care also should be taken to the basement while renovating an old home in Kerala.

Taking Care Of The Kitchen:

In Kerala, the kitchen is where the food is cooked and where most family members hang out unanimously. So, while renovating the old house in Kerala, this should be taken care of. If the kitchen is a little bigger, one can add more additional kinds of stuff into it, and if the kitchen is a little smaller, the space can be made by stuffing out additional kinds of stuff into some parts of the living room. Hence, renovating the kitchen and its attachments is necessary while renovating an old house in Kerala. 

Proper Care Of The Electricity:

The electrical wiring and insulation should be most stressed while renovating an old house in Kerala. Checking the electrical wiring and correcting them if there is any flaw is really necessary to stop yourself from ending up paying a lot of prices later on.


Hence, these are the different house renovating ideas in Kerala. Though renovating a house costs a lot and is also a headache for some time. So, there should be proper management and, and best ideas should flourish while doing so. Therefore, these are the ways to help you out of this stressful job.


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