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How To Keep Pests Under Control When Making Renovations To Your Home

Pest Control During Home Renovation

Whenever you are making renovations to your house, you likely want to expand your home space or make an addition for yourself and your family. However, that expansion doesn’t need to be for the various bugs, bees, and animals that are scampering and flying around your house. In order to make sure that your construction doesn’t knock down all of the barriers keeping the unwanted creatures out of your house, then here are some of the tips you need to know about keeping pests under control whenever it comes to making your renovations.

Flush Out Pests Before You Build.

One of the worst things that you can do whenever you start building in your home is to not treat for pests first. If you knock down a wall and then find that you’ve agitated a family of mice or a nest of cockroaches, then it can be even harder to make your build a reality because you will be wrestling with the pests.

So don’t be afraid to pretreat for pests by assessing the activity and also being proactive whenever you see the signs of pest infestations in your home. Even if you have never had a pest problem before, it will never hurt you to look because you never know what is hiding behind your walls.

Check Your Raw Materials

While the goods that you get from the hardware store are typically pest free, anywhere else where you might grab some free materials can be a breeding ground for pests that can mess with your construction by causing an infestation.

If you are getting your raw materials from anywhere other than a hardware store (and sometimes even if you are getting them from a hardware store) you should inspect them for signs of pest infestations. Be thorough when inspecting your raw materials, and also inspect them before you use them.

If you suspect that your raw materials have been contaminated or infested by bugs, then you can fumigate them or attempt to clean them up before you use them. As long as their structure hasn’t been fully compromised, then you should still be able to use them in your construction.

Keep Your Renovation Site Clean, Especially If The Renovation Is Outdoors

Finally, pests are attracted to food and water, so make sure that if water is around the site, it isn’t standing and is flowing away from the construction. If you have large pools of standing water or water around the construction site, then make sure to regularly check the water for both signs of pests and also larvae and eggs across the surface of the water.

Additionally, make sure to remove any food, trash, debris, and other things that pests could not only eat but also make a home in. While construction sites can get pretty dirty and chaotic, even if the renovation is small, you shouldn’t let them become dirty or covered in trash. That can cause a lot of problems for both the health and safety of the people who are working on your renovation, and it can also lead to an increased pest presence in your home as well.

While keeping the construction site clean might be less of a concern if you are inside of your home, if your renovations are taking you outdoors then you need to be extra careful because that is where all of the pests are going to be, and they will be seeking a way into your home.

Set Traps Around The Renovation Site

It doesn’t matter if you are renovating the small kitchen or tearing a hole in the house to make room for a brand new wing of your home. You always need to set traps around the renovation site and also around things like the piles of construction materials and anywhere else that you think the pests might congregate.

You might be able to snatch a few in your traps, and then you can dispose of the pests with no difficulty afterward. The effectiveness of your traps will depend on the various pests that are running around and a few other factors, but they are better than nothing and you might just catch a few of the pests running around.

Don’t Stop When The Project Is Finished

Once the renovation project is complete, don’t stop with pest control. Continue to perform proper maintenance if you suspect pests are either still around your home or could return, then continue the maintenance you are doing and also make sure to make a call for residential pest control options, because having a professional commercial pest control team cleaning your house manually is one of the best ways to make sure that the pests all go away.

They will have the tools and the knowledge that is needed to remove all of the pests from your home, and they can actually do it thoroughly. While you might be able to remove all of the pests from the surface of your home, a dedicated exterminator will be able to go a bit deeper and make sure that all of the pests will be fully removed.

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for signs of pests. If you see one spider or mouse or cockroach in your home, it is very likely that there are hundreds in your house that you do not see. So be proactive and if you see something, either take steps to deal with the pest problem yourself or call a professional exterminator.

Keep Up The Pest Control

Finally, no matter if you have no pests in your home at the time of the renovation, and no notable increase in pests afterward, don’t stop with the pest control. One of the best strategies that you will have is continuing to mitigate the effects that pests will have on your home, so don’t stop fighting any pests that have come into your house.

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