The Pros and Cons of Installing a Swimming Pool When Building a House

Swimming pools are synonymous with barrels of fun, pool parties, living in the lap of luxury, and endless opportunities for lounging in the sun. It is hard to find a single fault with having a pool right beside the house you are building. In fact, it might seem like nothing but a dream come true. However, deciding whether you should invest in a pool during the home building process is a decision you should not approach without serious consideration. To help you, we have listed a few pros and cons of installing a swimming pool when building a house.

First of all, if you are considering installing a pool while you are constructing, expanding, or remodeling your home, it will require additional planning and investment. In most cases, you will also need a good contractor and an architect to properly fit the pool into your garden area.

The amount of effort you will have to invest is far from negligible. Also, make sure you consider other important factors, such as the number of sunny days in your state. You shouldn’t rush into the project before comparing the costs of building and maintenance with potential benefits. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

The pros of installing a swimming pool when building a house

Your house will instantly become the coolest place to be

If you are at the age when all you want to do is chill at home after work, your pool will be the magnet that will keep your social life afloat. So much so you might even struggle with keeping your friends at bay. A pool will make your house the coolest spot for meeting your friends and family – metaphorically and literally. You will never again associate summer with sweltering heat because you will be able to cool off anytime your heart desires.

Having a swimming pool is cool in every sense of the word.

Pool parties and good memories galore

Furthermore, you will be able to create so many great memories, events, and gatherings by the side of your swimming pool. Throwing numerous birthday parties, gatherings, barbeques, and dinners by the pool will become part of your everyday life.

Once you finally move into your newly-built home, having a pool equals having an unforgettable housewarming party where you can have fun with your friends and family members. You can celebrate both the new stage of your life and the end of construction work.

A pool is a great way to stay fit

Having a pool is not all fun and games. It is also great for your health and fitness. So, it is not only your social life that benefits from having a swimming pool. You can also improve your cardiovascular health and your stamina while working on your tan. And it is not only standard swimming techniques that you can practice in your pool. You can also play water polo, do water aerobics, snorkel, jump, etc. The options are endless, and even more importantly, advantageous for your health.

It is well-known that swimming is one of the healthiest activities since all muscle groups are activated equally. In fact, many health and fitness experts warmly recommend swimming as the risk of getting injured is reduced to a minimum. When you compare that with running and jogging, where knee injury is almost inevitable, spending time at the swimming pool becomes even more enjoyable.

The cons of installing a swimming pool when building a house

Your home building costs

Unfortunately, the financial aspect of building and maintaining a swimming pool might overshadow all its benefits. Many people looking to construct their own homes face exorbitant costs, and adding a pool into the mix might just overburden your budget. Of course, pool installation may vary depending on factors such as size, quality, and your particular requirements. However, careful budgeting is a prerequisite to building your own pool.

If you are adamant about building a pool, you should consider saving on materials. For instance, vinyl and fiberglass are much more affordable than concrete. However, a concrete pool lasts forever. What you save now on installation you may have to make up for in maintenance costs.

Also, take into account that building a pool is a time-consuming activity. You won’t have access to your backyard for at least two months.

The maintenance costs might be exorbitant

Know that the pool maintenance has to be in effect all year round. So, while you can only use the pool for a couple of months a year, you will have to invest money into repairs, pool cleaning, safety checkups, pump and filter maintenance. You also have to account for the building and maintenance of the deck, patio, and the area surrounding the pool. 

A big pool with a white deck

The investment might not pay off

Many homeowners are also motivated to install a pool in their house because they believe it will raise the home appraisal value if they ever decide to sell. In reality, it is tough to predict how the local real estate market might evaluate such a luxury component. In some neighborhoods, a pool might raise the property’s value.

However, your asking price might make it more difficult for you to sell your home. Namely, a pool is not considered a necessity by most home buyers. In that sense, installing a swimming pool when building a house might prevent you from getting the expected return on investment.


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