Things to Know About Terraced Retaining Wall Designs

Terraced retaining wall designs are a set of shorter walls arranged in cascading layers. These are built to give character to a landscape.

Terraced walls are easy to design. Each tier of independent walls is treated as a separate wall altogether. You can get as creative as you want when it comes to designing each layer.

If you have dependent walls that add weight to lower walls, you might want to think more carefully about your wall design. This is only to make sure that your wall won’t collapse. A dependent terraced wall is still easier to design than a single tall wall.

What is a Retaining Wall?

Before we get into some ideas for your terraced retaining wall, we have to establish what a retaining wall is first.

A retaining wall is a structure that holds soil weight. It prevents the soil from eroding and damaging your property. A sloping yard may be a turnoff for buyers, but if you install retaining walls, you’ll make the space usable. This will add to your property value, so you could make more profit from your home.

A retaining wall is also a great way to liven up your landscape. Terraced walls give movement to a flat landscape. They’re also more refreshing to look at than just a single wall.

There are different materials you can use for a retaining wall. A wall made of stone or wood can give off a fresher and more unique aesthetic. If you’re planning to DIY your retaining wall, concrete wall blocks may be easier to work with. They also come in different finishes so you’ll have a lot of design options for your wall.

Terraced Retaining Wall Designs

Here are some ideas for terraced retaining wall designs. This is just to give you a grasp of what you can do with retaining walls. Use these as inspiration to come up with your design.

1Planter Box

2Patio Wall

Terraced retaining walls can also function as patio walls. If any of your wall layers are looking a little flat, you can turn it into a patio. Put some tables and chairs on a wide enough tier so that you’ll have extra space to relax in the summertime.

Adding a patio will also increase your property value. Nowadays, any outdoor space that you can make livable is a great addition to your home.

3Firepit or Outdoor Kitchen

Terraced retaining walls could also continue as an outdoor kitchen. Using the same materials will make your backyard look more appealing.

Using retaining wall blocks on your brick oven or firepit will give more impact on your yard design. You could even use wall blocks for the general structure of your outdoor grill and sink.

An outdoor kitchen is now becoming a valuable addition to any home. Buyers offer more for a house with this extra amenity. It’s useful and it makes a great spot for hosting outdoor parties. It gives you and your guests a unique experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

4Pool or Pond Siding

A terraced retaining wall could also work as a pool siding. A terraced wall would be a great idea to make a swimming pool look more inviting. Stone walls give a more natural finish for a swimming pool. But a concrete pool siding also works in making this outdoor space brighter and livelier.

You could also add a pond to one of your wall layers. A retaining wall works great as a pond siding. It stops the water from eroding the surrounding soil.

You could also make a hole in your retaining wall and turn it into a small waterfall. This simple feature adds to the appeal of your home. It’s calming to hear water flowing through nature. And you can get that in your very own landscape through retaining walls.


Another fresh idea is to make stairs out of terraced walls. You can make planter boxes out of terraced walls and leave the center untouched to make a stairway. It’s also a good way to highlight the entryway to your home.

With lighting fixtures installed on every few stairs, it would surely make your house look magical. Besides, your home would be safer with lights installed outside.

If you have a wide space for terraced walls, you could also place capstones that are wide enough to be used as sitting spaces. This gives you more room in your yard to entertain guests.

Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining wall installation is a tedious process. Unless you’re ready to put in some sweat equity for your home, it’s better to let the professionals do it. The returns of a well-built retaining wall will be worth the professional cost you’ll have to pay now.

You’re free to suggest designs for your terraced retaining walls, though. Again, here are some ideas that could inspire you:

  • Planter box. Use terraced walls as a place to put your plants in. It makes your space greener and more refreshing.
  • Patio wall. A patio adds to your property value. A terraced wall around a patio makes the space more private.
  • Firepit or outdoor kitchen. Using retaining wall blocks to continue from your terraced walls to your outdoor kitchen is a great way to bring these elements together. It also helps retain heat to make your space cozier.
  • Pool or pond siding. Terraced walls work great as a pool or pond siding. You could also make a small waterfall out of your retaining walls for a more relaxing vibe.
  • Terraced walls that double as stairs to your front door are a great use of space. This highlights your entryway and gives your house front more curb appeal.

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