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As a business owner, there are many things to consider in your daily operations. Keeping your offices and commercial properties clean may be one of the most critical to your success. Especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus, people are more concerned than ever about their health and safety in public spaces. With the commercial cleaning professionals at Bee Line Support in Chicago, IL, however, your business, across several industries, will keep its sparkling clean reputation without any extra work.

Why is commercial cleaning such a critical part of your business’s success? A customer’s impression of your business starts when they walk in the door. High-quality cleaning services keep up the positive and professional appearance you strive for, instilling trust and confidence in your products and services. Quality commercial cleaning services also boost the morale and productivity of your staff, creating a safer and healthier workplace for everyone. With commercial cleaning professionals you can trust at Bee Line Support, you will soon see long-term cost savings and the shining reputation you deserve.

Services with Bee Line Support

Bee Line Support believes in quality cleaning every time. We provide local businesses and schools with 24/7 access to an incredible cleaning team. Our regular cleaning services include cleaning restrooms, dusting and mopping, wiping countertops and tables, vacuuming, and emptying trash. While you rest, we get things clean.

Janitorial and Day Porter Services

Get the peace of mind you deserve with scheduled janitorial and day porter services whenever you need them. The Bee Line cleaning experts are trained on-site with high touchpoints and target cleaning. Every cleaning professional is personally managed by one of Bee Line’s Safety and Compliance Managers and constant team communication. From top to bottom, our team works together to accomplish your goals. This is how we, as a company, provide our staff with the right tools, skills, and knowledge to get the job done right. You can depend on Bee Line’s high attention to detail, infection prevention, and flexible and convenient scheduling.

Deep Cleaning

As a medical-grade cleaning company, Bee Line Support in Chicago, IL is a true team of experts in deep cleaning and disinfection services. Our team of nearly 500 can handle in-depth cleaning services through consistent training and education. Every member of our staff is continuously encouraged with high-tech training, resources, and the supplies they need to get your business clean. Deep cleaning services with Bee Line Support include cleanroom services, cleaning all floors, walls, surfaces, and touchpoints, manual wiping and disinfecting, terminal exam room cleaning, and even blacklight auditing to monitor high touchpoint cleaning.

Our cleanroom services are backed by scientific protocols designed to decontaminate and disinfect your critical production areas and labs. Terminal exam room cleaning uses all CDC-recommended Cleaner to Dirtier procedures, and whether we manually wipe down or use machines to clean, no nook or cranny is left out. Deep cleaning services are performed with state-of-the-art cleaning supplies, technology, PPE, and comprehensive attention to detail.

Bee Line Support is available to clean at your frequency, with flexible scheduling that doesn’t disrupt your schedule. All cleanroom and deep cleaning services use HEPA vacuums, EPA-certified cleaners, and advanced misting systems to clean and deodorize every type of setting.

Floor Cleaning and Other Projects

We have a full team dedicated to floor care, emergency services, project work, and post-construction cleanup. At Bee Line Support, we take on each floor cleaning job and special project with high-tech equipment and even higher standards. Our floor care team offers a range of services, such as carpet care, hard floor cleaning services, and special project work.

You will easily keep your office’s carpet fresh and clean with vacuuming, carpet drying, pre-conditioning and agitation, and neutralizing and deodorizer services. Much like our other cleaning services, Bee Line carpet cleaning uses thick-mounted and portable equipment. These machines are gentle, thorough, and fast-drying. Hard floors get the same VIP treatment at Bee Line Support, as we service vinyl, rubber, VCT, tile, and much more. Every hard or carpeted floor is treated with high quality chemicals and machinery to clean every corner and baseboard.

Misting and Coronavirus Disinfection

Even after many states have been released from the public health emergency, people are naturally more concerned about their health. Thankfully, Bee Line Support has always handled our cleaning projects with a medical-grade set of tools. We stay ready to keep your people safe and your customers satisfied, and our history of medical-grade cleaning standards delivered businesses in Chicago, IL during the pandemic and beyond. Our teams are specially trained, using EPA-registered products and methods.

Bee Line Support offers commercial businesses surgical grade misting with bleach-free and PH-balanced. We ensure that 99.9% of all fungus, mold, and mildew is destroyed at its source with our quality broad-spectrum disinfectants. Truly, our process is simple:

  1. Prep your area
  2. Pre-wipe hard surfaces that are visibly soiled
  3. Mist all high touch points and open surfaces

Okay, maybe it is not so simple. But the staff at Bee Line Support live and breathe immaculately cleanliness, and that dedication shows.

Industries Served By Bee Line Support

Bee Line Support started as a medical-grade cleaning company. However, as our team and services have grown, and continue to grow, we’ve served a wide range of industries in the Chicago, IL area. Every business matters to us, and every client and productive employee matters. So, with our wide range of skills and resources, your industry matters, too. We service several industries, including:

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Industrial
  • Corporate
  • School
  • Bank and financial situations
  • Cleanroom sanitation
  • Warehouse and cold storage

There are no businesses in our local area and beyond that would not directly benefit from commercial cleaning from Bee Line.

Why Choose Bee Line Support?

Bee Line Support, once a mere 10-person team, is now a privately- and women-owned business. As one of the only certified, medical-grade cleaning companies locally, Bee Line Support has many unique points to offer our community. Every job we take on comes with the same attention to detail – from schools to cleanrooms and beyond. We never subcontract, and our staff is always open to speak to you about your commercial cleaning needs. All bacteria-busting pros on the Bee Line Support team are in-house and specially trained to get things done. Choose Bee Line Support for commercial cleaning services and get back to what matters.

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