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What Is Home Automation And What Are Smart Homes Benefits?

What Is A Home Automation System?

The Future is now! Because the home automation system brings revolution to the society which is also known as smart homes. With the advent of this modern technology:

  • You will be able to turn the lights off and on
  • Keep an eye on the children (Smart Cam)
  • Adjust the temperature for energy management and shut the drapes from the internet or by the command of your voice.

There are many choices to what level of comfort you choose for your home.

  • Security system features, such as light sensors, driveway sensors, iris-print identification access control, and electronically operated doggie doors are available.
  • For the more entertainment-focused families, automated systems such as HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) systems, or temperature control systems, and home theater systems are available.
  • Other automated system choices include intercom systems, mailbox sensors, motion floodlights, and even security cameras to keep an eye on the house from the Internet.

The Rising Trend Of Home Automation System

A large number of people are beginning to install their own home automation systems, with components such as:

  • Sensors
  • Timers
  • Motion detectors and monitors.

Systems can be integrated and controlled via touch screen, telephone, personal computer, handheld remotes, wall-mounted keypads, and PDA’s. Non-automated home installations, such as light switches and thermostats, will always be available for occurrences that could disarm an electronic system. But for the believers of this technology, home automation can be fun to learn, operate and enjoy.

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The Smart Homes Benefits

Homeowners like you should research and find out what home automation you want before you get started. In designing a home’s automated applications to fit your lifestyle, you must decide what you need and then what you want to make your lives more convenient. Modern smart homes are here to help you make those decisions.

For Entertainment:

  • Enter your home theater.
  • Press a button and the lights dim, and a large screen silently glides down from a cleverly hidden recess in the ceiling.
  • Your favorite movie appears on the screen, with a quality and clarity you never imagined would be possible on a home system.
  • And then the music begins, surrounding you, filling the room, and you feel like you are sitting in the middle of a symphony.

For Safety:

  • Sensors around the home activate floodlights triggered by motion.
  • If there is motion within a certain distance of the perimeter of the home the living room lights are activated to simulate a human presence.
  • If a window is broken the alarm sounds, all lights are activated and security cameras are turned on to track the culprit.
  • Another popular use of video cameras is for the baby’s room (Smart Cam).

Isn’t it interesting? This can only be achieved via a smart home system.

For Convenience:

  • Control electronic devices and even the breakers on your electrical panel from any touch-tone telephone (this may need a panel upgrade by Barnett Electrical to work properly).
  • Program your home to react when triggered by events
  • Irrigate the landscaping when the humidity drops
  • Or turn on outside floodlights if motion is detected after dark.

For Comfort:

  • Set the mood for dinner at the touch of a button.
  • Adjust your lighting to match the mood.
  • Activate the air conditioning if the temperature rises.

For Savings:

With the rising cost of energy costs, the convenience of an automated home becomes more of a necessity than a luxury. With a relatively low cost, you can automate your home to help offset the rising cost of energy prices.

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Why Not Smart Homes Or Home Automation System!

In the end, the goal of making your home smarter isn’t to financially stretch yourself.

  • It isn’t to impress your neighbors
  • It isn’t just technology for technology’s sake.
  • The goal is to make your life a bit easier.

It won’t iron your clothes for you. It won’t wash the dog or anything like that.

However, it will make easier to surf the Net, communicate with others, watch movies, work from home, order groceries, help the kids with their homework, and a million other little things. That’s why the home automation system is the basic needs of everyone’s home.


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