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What is Open Floor Plan & Its Benefits

What is open floor plan might seem confusing to some, but we will cover in-depth about this topic to give you a clearer picture. We know there are two main types of floor plans: open and closed. The style you choose will determine how your home feels and looks. It will also affect the sound and lighting of your home. Of course, both types come with a set of advantages, but today we will focus on the benefits of an open floor plan.

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What is an open floor plan?

The primary goal of an open floor plan is to promote good communication and bonding within the family. Thus, this layout has few separations between the main rooms in the house. Typically, such designs have separate private premises, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, while one big room encompasses a kitchen, living room, and dining room.

The open floor plan is a combination of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

In addition to encouraging communication among the family members, such a layout creates a feeling of bigger space, maximizes the use of the space available, and allows for more natural light. It also lets you experiment with the décor, and you can achieve fantastic results even on the budget.

A short history of an open-concept design

This innovative design originated in the 1880s and was the brainchild of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. In the 1990s, the advancements in centralized heating allowed him to introduce this type of floor plan to his Midwestern Prairie Houses. Later this style was used to bring indoors and outdoors of a home closer together, to implement one into the other.

Bringing the indoor and outdoor closer together

A few things can bring a luxurious feel to a home, but not many of them come close to the effect obtained by connecting indoor and outdoor areas. One way to achieve this is to let the indoor living space seamlessly continue onto a spacious veranda. The key is to eliminate unnecessary barriers that separate these two spaces. You can do that by installing similar flooring inside and on the patio. A floor-to-ceiling glass, essentially a glass wall, is also an outstanding solution.

Many windows or glass walls bring outdoor and indoor space closer together.

This feature has some fantastic benefits. Firstly, it is a stunning and vast space for relaxation and entertainment with family and friends. Secondly, it will add more value to your home. Finally, it will be a nice shelter from the sun, which could ultimately lower your air-conditioning costs.

5 most striking benefits of an open floor plan

You can easily see that an open floor plan offers a lot of offers benefits. Here are the most striking ones.

Open-concept design promotes safety

A large open area with no separating walls lets parents see a huge part of their home. Needless to say, it allows parents to keep an eye on their kids while working in the kitchen. Whoever lives in a closed floor plan and has to prepare dinner while the kids play in a different room knows this struggle. With a clear view of your living room and dining room, you can always supervise your kids and make sure they are safe. If your home combines the indoor with the outdoor, even playing outside will not be an issue as you can always see what your children are doing.

Entertainment is easier

If you like to host parties, open plan designs are perfect. In case you need to pop in the kitchen for a few minutes, interaction with your guests doesn’t have to stop. You will not be isolated for a second. Moreover, open-concept provides ample space for your guests to mingle and talk. There are no barriers to hinder socializing.

Entertaining is easier, and communication is better in an open-plan home.

Furthermore, this design is more inviting and welcoming because no one is ever cut off from the party. Wherever your guests decide to be, indoor or outdoor, the conversation can continue from one area to another. Also, each part of the room and the outdoors blend, allowing the party atmosphere to flow around unobstructed.

Communication is unimpeded

Entertaining is easier in an open floor plan because sound can travel freely, not muffled by doors and walls. Also, without anything obstructing the view, there is a feeling of togetherness, which is crucial in a family. No one is left out of a conversation. This can positively impact family dynamics without you even realizing it.

There is more natural light

Since there are no obstacles, sunlight can travel easily through your home. At the same time, this further connects your indoor living space with your outdoor area. For the best result, it would be fantastic to have more windows to let in as much sunshine as possible and brighten up the entire space. As a result of this increased amount of beautiful, natural light, your living space appears more spacious.

Open plan design allows more sunlight to get in.

An open floor plan lets you customize the space the way you want

A single spacious room is like a blank canvas. You can set it up any way you see fit. If you want a large dining room, you can dedicate more space to this area. You can create as big a living room as you wish. If you want to make your kitchen a focal point of your home, you most certainly can. State-of-the-art appliances, modern cabinetry, and a beautiful sink can undoubtedly add to your décor. Moreover, open-concept allows you to play with lighting to visually create separate areas within one central space without actual partitions.

On top of everything, if you feel like changing something, you can effortlessly reconfigure the layout. You can move the furniture and accessories around practically limitlessly since there are no walls to stand in your way.

An open floor plan lets you play with the design and customize it any way you want.

Finally, if you find yourself in need of more space, an open plan gives you an option of a room addition. However, to make sure this kind of project is a success, it would be best to seek advice from specialists. Usually, they can offer solutions you may not think of yourself without compromising the openness of your original design.

Final words

As you can see, there are many benefits of an open floor plan. The feeling of togetherness, the spaciousness, the brightness, the functionality, and the luxurious feel are the most striking. And finally, a bonus advantage – open-plan designs are easier to cool and heat, which leads to improved energy efficiency. What’s not to like?

Sample Open Plan House Design


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