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Winning List Of Electrical Engineering Projects For Students

Compared to electronic projects, electrical engineering projects need greater power and the electrical project circuits will employ only passive elements like inductors, capacitors, and resistors. Almost every technology that we use on an everyday basis is linked with electrical engineering. The electrical engineering students work with energy like electricity, magnetic fields, sound and light together with intellect through data, simulation, algorithms and control. Since newer and more innovative electrical projects are being launched every day, it is essential for these students to undertake a practicable project independently when they are studying the course. Students can benefit from some of these interesting electrical engineering project ideas:

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Winning List Of Electrical Engineering Projects:

  • Solar wind charger: Because of the energy crisis and high living costs, it is important to find an alternate system other than the UPS that takes power directly from mains and needs high energy to function. Therefore it can help by devising a UPS that can make use of solar and wind energy to prevent this crisis.

  • Unified Power Quality Conditioner: The UPQC is a custom power device that is capable of compensating both load and source problems. It comprises of series and shunt converters which are back to back through a common DC link.
  • Smart card-based Prepaid Electricity System: This project has been designed for developing intelligent energy metering. It can efficiently control the total consumption of electricity by a user.

  • Controlling of the AC lamp dimmer using a mobile phone: The idea is to come out with a system which can control the AC lamp dimming with the help of a cell phone that uses the DTMF technology.
  • Home appliances and touch screen: This project seeks to design a switchboard that can be controlled through a touch screen. The touch screen sensor is capable of controlling all home appliances effectively. It can also offer a user-friendly environment for users allowing them to use all appliances easily. This system is very useful for illiterates and seniors who may find it hard to operate high-end systems such as water heaters or air-conditioners.
  • Voice-enabled device for the physically challenged and emergency alerts through SMS: This project aims to build a voice-enabled system that can help the physically disabled people. This device will also be able to send alerts through a GSM modem. The user will be able to control appliances like lights and fans using voice recognition; this makes the device very handy for people who are paralyzed or physically challenged.

  • Battery charger circuit: This circuit uses the SCR or Silicon Controlled Rectifier in half-wave rectifier or full-wave rectifier, power control circuits or inverter circuits.
  • Variable Power Supply and Charger: This circuit enables the users to test and check electronic projects as well as change their mobile phone batteries. The circuit is also equipped to work as emergency lights.
  • 100w Subwoofer Amplifier Circuit: This circuit is a 100watt subwoofer amplifier circuit which is a loudspeaker that produces sound signals which are of low frequencies.


The afore-mentioned electrical projects may turn out to be quite interesting when you are studying a course on electrical engineering and wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various concepts and theories involved in this discipline.



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